for a fleeting moment

August 26, 2005 at 1:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i had a jason blunt moment last night as i lined up for a slice of mango tart that cess would take out for her grandma.

tugging this huge crimson red giftwrapped box that cess had turned over to me as a gift for my mom, we settled down at a table in front of the counter. something caught my eye. or more appropriately, someone.

he was beautiful.

he had spiky hair. he was tall. he had this black jacket on with a sign of the aries on the back. he was wearing one of those b/low jeans, which i even doubt is from bench because he looked a bit upscale. he had a prominently sharp nose. thin, dark lips — smoker. small hands. long legs. huge shoes.

he was beautiful. from all angles.

but it was too fleeting, the moment. he stood there in front of me. and i knew the moment would only last as soon as he got his order fixed up.

he was beautiful, and i know i’ll never see him again. for a moment as we stood side by side, in that split-second before he left the counter and i took his place, i could see his eyes move, stealing a glance. a vague smile escaping his lips. he looked so beautiful.

somewhere up there an angel must have been smiling.

in a moment he was gone.

it’s nothing really. just a beautiful face, in a crowded place. and i had to face the truth. “i will never be with you,” i tell myself as he moved down and i took my place at the counter and proceeded to smile at the barista to get my order.

a beautiful face in a crowded place. i, meanwhile, remain enthralled.

i feel like jumping off an iceberg (hehehe):

from some place on the net
james blunt – you’re beautiful


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