i wish it could be you

August 18, 2005 at 7:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

where do lives that run parallel with each other meet?

they say we take our own journeys on roads that we define on the basis of what we need and want in our lives. but what does it mean to want someone? what does it mean to need someone?

would the satisfaction of both questions lead to a crossroad?

sometimes i take a look at the road you’re walking on. it looks interesting. in fact i’d like to know more about it. your work, your friends. your past, your future, your plans and regrets. your questions, and mine. maybe even the stars can tell us a thing or two.

but… one of us is walking faster than the other. as if his past were right behind him waiting, running — even if tired and panting — to catch up.

i might be willing to admit that yes i want you. but the real question is, do i need you?

i don’t think so. by needing i don’t mean i seek you to complete me. far from it. in fact, i have learned that by myself i am quite fine. by needing, i mean you can take this journey along with me and validate me as a unique individual in a complementary partnership. that’s how i need to need someone.

and so i don’t think i need you. but if i prove myself wrong then that will have to be because you convinced me.

do lives that run parallel with each other ever meet? it depends, on whether both drivers are looking in the same direction.



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  1. yo! check out will smith’s movie “hitch”

  2. dami mong recommendations ah. pahiram. hehehehe!!

    if my writings remind you of a book or a movie, this only goes to show nothing i ever say is original. har har har!!

  3. squiggle!!!!!! we HAVE to have coffee this week. i have something to confess. a little like this post, but regarding someone else. argh! we haven’t talked about it, really.

  4. “what does it mean to want someone? what does it mean to need someone?”


    i’d have to agree with your friend squiggle that you should check out the movie “hitch”. nice movie with nice lines 🙂

    mishu vincy 🙂

  5. miss ya too!! sige, sige, ‘hitch’ on my hitchlist, este, hitlist. pero di ba this is a will smith movie? ugh! gwark. sige, sige, give it da doubt op da benefit, hehehe.

  6. surely, how bout hangin’ out on friday? 🙂

    on the contrary, the things you say are original. but you need to see hitch to substantiate and validate your emotions. swak sa “i wish it could be you”. tapos, sundan mo ng white chicks!

  7. advice like that is precisely why we’re friends. hahaha! white chicks?!? okay, not my regular fare pero…

    coffee on friday? di ba pwede bukas? 🙂

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