cholesterol and merry times, plus a plug

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The next time I am caught eating chicharong bulaklak and lechon, please spare me the throbbing pain in my neck and the drowsiness and the dried lips and the general feeling of wanting to lie down and sleeping for ten hours straight to soothe my blood vessels.  Just kill me.
everyone in the office is bitching about how the longevity pay, sent out pro-rata, didn’t actually last long.  fuck.
shameless plug for some friends:
The  Asian Federation Against Involuntary   Disappearances (AFAD)
in cooperation with  HIVOS , the Netherlands
August 30, 2005 , Film Center , UP Diliman , Quezon City
Gary  Granada Noel  Cabangon Bayang  Barrios Cookie  Chua  
Cynthia Alexander Susan Fernandez SAD Theater  Group
Free  Admission .




everyone’s winding down at the office after last night’s passable, upper-40s and middle aged-dominated, birthday bash for the boss. spent the first hour or so of the party worrying and smoking wondering whether media friends would show up.  was on the phone texting follow up until my thumbs were almost sore and the batt went dead.  asked the nice waiters at conspi for a cup of beer and sat down and ate a plate full of peaches, the theme for the night.  moved over to the table where philip, mike and wendell were sitting and chika’ed the rest of the nght away until some other media people joined us, notably, alecks from pcij.  i just hope the lovely iris and her crew (c/o the adorable pia a.) didn’t leave thinking the time was wasted after the ‘special guest’ didn’t show up. ugh.  embarrasing.
tipsy by midnight.  media people cleared out, and a tipsy boss was making kulit  even philip from PDI. but by 2 am i, together with lori and nando were the only 20-somethings in the crowd. other personalities, like behn cervantes, alex padilla, bobby malay and mike tan had left by then. i had to be subjected to raffy’s drunk (and atrocious) rendition of moon river. took that as my cue to leave.  went home with a migraine from all the worrying earlier and the half-glass of fundador (lech) that i had.  and the kilos of sinfully delightful lechon we had been snacking on since 4pm when the session started.  umph.
cutie sightings?  well, there was this tolerably pleasant singing dentist but otherwise, uhmmmm..


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