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i’m laughing my freaking rear off over today’s horoscope in the philippine star. actually, with jupiter in cancer, i have a whole stack of these horoscopes by holiday mathis on the upper right drawer of my desk. they’re taking precious space away from my more imporant memos and journals and committee hearing papers. teee-heee-hee.

anyway here’s the reading:

LIBRA (Sept.23-Oct.23). Small indulgences add up over time, and you find yourself asking how something as simple as a cup of coffee can become a major expense. Make these treats truly special by associating them with an accomplishment.

i know what nina would say. “i told you so!” but really, i made up my mind last tuesday, while talking with eileen (unfortunately, over coffee, at starbucks near her office — okay, okay — and then later on at coffee bean). i told her that i am withdrawing from the habit as soon as i get that not-so-cute backpack from starbucks.

last week, i reckon i must have blown off a thousand bucks in the span of five days over light blended fraps, hot chocolate, ice blends, quiches, bavarian donuts and eclairs. and count the cab fare on top of that and it becomes no small wonder why i am so fucking broke.

the people at starbucks gateway and katips, (and last tuesday, even at morato) are now all familiar with me. the baristas at coffee bean gateway have given me four pink cards, for every time i forget to bring the old one. the baristas at gloria jeans araneta center are on a first-name basis with me (actually, even the girls at gateway. that’s right. the GURRRLS! grr.)

but soon i will have to say goodbye to all this. this lifestyle is unsustainable, unless i finally break the 35k figure, and if the income were predictable and easily allocatable.

if i can’t kick the coffee and get my finances in order then how the hell am i getting through law school by next year (assuming!)?

and so i get to think about c3. the coffee is cheap. the environment is so conducive and quiet. and it’s my place. it’s my own ‘clean, well-lighted place’. okay maybe someitmes i bitch about the clogged drainage at trellis which is right beside it, but the staff at c3 are actually good friends of mine.

c3. coffee, cakes and crepes. it’s my first and only coffee place. good memories, bad memories. it’s that sort of place. not the usual place for oggling cute guys, because quite frankly i don’t care much for stolen glances and finding meaning in crowded places. it just gets a bit tiring after a while. and there’s not much of that in c3.

so i began going there less frequently. and when i got to think about some certain memories, that drive was even intensified.

at first it was fun to hang out at other coffee shops. lotsa cute guys, i have to admit. but with all the flirting and showing off in all these branded coffee shops, i began to think what kind of a customer i was. where is my loyalty? there were even times when me and my friends would leave c3 to go off to starbucks or coffee bean instead. (admit it, marnie, eileen and tune!) tsk, tsk.

but with all these nice baristas and the usual 20 peso tips i often leave their boxes, i can’t say i can just forget about them. so maybe my horoscope is right. make those moments count when i am at starbucks or coffee bean or SBC or gloria jeans, or heck, even figaro.

so if my horoscope sounds more like an advice than a forecast, maybe it only means i should go back to where i really feel like i am myself, and not some boy-starved bloodhound on the prowl.

shame on me. coffee shops aren’t places where one finds love. they’re there to keep one awake with caffeine and chit-chat. and that’s it.



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  1. you oughta read francisco colayco’s book. hehehe

    i miss c3 too. life becomes less complicated whenever we hang out there. no need to check our wallets every now and then.


    —squiggly squiggle

  2. what book is that squiggy?

    tara c3 tayo mamaya. will just do my editing there and wait for you till the freaking coding is lifted. unless you’re working out later? 😛

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