SMART, take 2

August 13, 2005 at 7:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

last thursday i accidentally sent 200 pesos worth of load to my cousin’s old number which she is apparently not using anymore.  naturally, i set aside about 5 minutes of my time logging on to smart’s website for this to ask, simply, where the hell my money has gone in case of erroneous loadings like this.  i had not been satisfied with an earlier reply i got regarding those text scams spreading around, but this time, i did not even get any substantial reply at all.
the reply i got was, in fact, infuriating:

—– Original Message —–
From: <>
To: <my email which you need not know
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 2:44 PM
Subject: RE: Feedback Reference No. 000024480
Dear Mr. Peregrine,
We are pleased to receive e-mail from you again.
Please be advised that Pasaload and Smarload denominations have their own respective validity period.  Each denomination must be consumed within that period otherwise the amount would be forfeited and turn to zero.  For your reference, we have listed below the different load validity period of Smartload and Pasaload:
All Pasaload denominations 24 hours upon transfer
Smartload P30.00 3 days upon reload
Smartload P60.00 6 days upon reload
Smartload P115.00 12days upon reload
Smartload P200.00 30 days upon reload
We hope this helped.  Should you have other concerns, feel free to e-mail us again.
Customer Care
Ref No.: 24480
Name: the peregrine
Age: tse!
Gender: M
Reply To:

Mobile No.:
Specific on: Inquiry
Customer Feedback: wud lyk 2 ask if eload/pasaload s given to sim number not used anymore where does load go? tnx.
This communication is intended solely for the use of the addressee and authorized recipients.  It may contain confidential or legally privileged information and is subject to the conditions in
to which i could only reply:
“what i meant to ask was if i sent eload or pasaload to a mobile number that is not used anymore, where does the load go?
SMART is earning from this, so don’t they have any mechanism in place against these errors?  i mean i could let it pass if your management would pass me on to NTC for all those text scams passing around, but what about the good money i spend on SMART’s services, i think i should get quality service for that.  i think your management should know that your hard-working customer sales reps should have more explanation readily available to inquiries such as mine other than things i already know. thanks.”
argh! if mon isberto shows up for my boss’ birthday bash he is going to hear about this!



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  1. neng, sinasabi lang nila na di ka daw smart enough to be careful with your actions…

    did you read the terms and agreement in the simcard before you open it…no room for accidental things.

    profit. profit. profit. 🙂

  2. oh my god, the blogspammers are here. get off my blog, you mudder-truckers!

    gari, got a response this morning. will settle down and read it once i get work out of my hair. my poor, tangled, frizzy curly hair.

  3. basta, you’re beautiful sabi ni james blunt. he he he.

  4. vincy, hug! hug! hug!

    i also have a complain. for the past two months i’ve been charged for international calls. last month 30 pesos. this month, 10 pesos. it may look small but my point is “what the hell are those amounts doing in my phone bill???!!!”

    laki-laki na nga ng profit nila from me. my hpone bill ranges from 2k-5k when my line costs only 500! yeah, yeah.. they raised my limit but duh! what’s this kind of service. i already complained the 1st one. now here comes another. im so disappointed. they should give me a new phone! wahaha!

  5. they will not be called SMART if they are not so SIMPLY AMAZING in making more profits.

  6. somebody should do something about that, hyacinthe, go log onto their website and let them know you’re mad!

    gari, word pun mo ha. para kang si byron. 😛

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