do not cross this line, fucker

August 12, 2005 at 5:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

nothing bugs me more than when someone violates my space as if my intense desire for privacy, for my territory is just some ego-induced expedience. imagine how pissed i am, for example, when jeepney seatmates insist on sitting sideways or spreading their fucking legs so wide so as to make other people (thin-legged anorexics like me, e.g.) uncomfortable.

and imagine how pissed i am when someone goes through my lockers, or my filing cabinet, or as in a very recent incident — my bag — without even asking for my permission.

it’s my space. damn it. just like this blog is my territory and what i say in it is my business and mine alone. and i don’t give a fig about whatever whoever says about it.

so imagine how pissed i am to see my bag out of place and contents therein looking like an unfamiliar hand had been pawing through them. and the person doesn’t even have the decency to give back what was taken.

small things like this is what gets to me. while minor, they tell you a lot aout a certain person’s character, or lack of it. this is what i describe as kagaspangan ng pag-uugali which doesn’t belong in a civilized society. fucker.

now i’m pissed. and in this frame of mind i have no idea how i am going to draft my response to that frigging inquirer editorial.


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