a light in the dark

August 9, 2005 at 2:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

i used to look at them with much fondness.  they were rainbow-colored candles that were given to me as christmas gifts two years ago.  from my end they were laden with meaning.  was it a way to say sorry?  was it a way to say we could be friends in spite of the disappointment i went through?
last night however, the lights went out thrice in our neigbourhood.  i was out having coffee, and mom lit them up when she realized there were no generic candles around the house.
i went home to find them in a holder, melted down to a puddle of hardened wax in colors of orange and blue-green.
i used to look at them with fondness.  i used to wonder where he got them because i don’t see them anywhere, in all the candle shops i’ve been to.  but for the longest time, i wasn’t sure they stood for anything other than all the time i wasted on everything i associated with them: the face, the feeling, the jealousy, the hurt, the anger.
so maybe it really was about time they were actually put into good use.



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  1. it must be a bit difficult that those feelings are the ones you associate with it

  2. nah, i just remember the feeling, they don’t make me feel anything anymore. especially now. they’re gone.

    di ba dapat magkakape tayo? 😉

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