no violent reactions so far

August 6, 2005 at 2:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

cha reads my blog and tells me over YM that i should give it a go. “go, VINCE! go!”, she says, and it makes me giggle.

later, i meet up over dinner at gayuma with len and cess, and they both express support. len will get me a form and give it to me next week. apparently, the exams are slated for around november.

cess, incredibly loving and supportive even tells me, “if i’m still in singapore, i can even help you with tuition,” a gesture so sweet, but which i would be too proud to accept, still touched me immensely. then she jokingly adds, “we’ll execute a contract…” and i say “study now pay later pala ito!” *laughter*

i even came up with a valid reason while cess and i were at sbc. “tutal, kape naman ako ng kape, e di sabayan ko na ng aral!”

and this morning, after putting down the phone with jae, i tell my mom that she is a law student and my mom brings up the issue herself: “kung itinuloy mo sana nun yun, sayang yung 700…”

“eh kasi nga hindi ako nag-graduate agad…” i tell her, and then i add, “actually iniisip ko nga…”

and mom goes “oo sige, tuloy mo, sayang blah blah blah, yadda usual mother concerns about ambitions and dignity and all that, more yadda…”

and tune YMs me in the course of this entry and she says, ‘go, bakla’. wow, i think she just coined me my niche. baklang abogago na maka-kaliwa. hmm!

anyway, this will be my last entry about this plan. i’ll just update again if i fail, come up with a face-saving entry about wanting to go to grad school anyway blah blah blah. i’m just scared kids nowadays are smarter. imagine me, 28 quickly saying goodbye to 27, and still undecided on what to do with my life. last time cess and i met up at market market — as she pointed out last night — i said i wanted to go abroad. now i want to be a lawyer. evading a point i could not win, i just said “i’ll go to law school then finish and go abroad to become a starbucks barista in new york.”

so i think i have to find my consistency before i plunk down a grand for the LAE. sayang yun. ilang starbucks nights din yun.



I LOVE YOU EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
goodbye o., you two-timing young, virile, delicious, apron-clad, dewy-eyed ass with that spectacularly placed mole below your left eye. your hot white choco mocha was overrated anyway. i’m switching over to edward’s javanilla, which i’ve always loved anyway.


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