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August 2, 2005 at 8:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

my horoscope in the philippine star yesterday says i should demand nothing more than real, big, true love.  and why not?  i deserve nothing less.  which gets me to think about how he would eventually be like.  and he will look something like this:  he —
1.    must be extremely comfortable with long periods of silence.
2.    must accept that if it’s my house, it’s my domain.  my rules apply. in everything.
3.    must be up for some sleepless nights.
4.    must know how to draw me out of myself.
5.    must have a wide-ranging repertoire of tunes in his head.
6.    must be sensitive to my moods.  like, i have a dozen of them in the span of an hour, so beware.
7.    must accept who i am, no questions asked. 
8.    must know how to compromise.  a life with me is a life full of meetings half-way.  and some fights.
9.    must not assume to solve my problems for me, but with me.
10.    must be smart.
11.    must be into a bit of sports.
12.    must be able to cope with my hands all over him all the time.
13.    must read books.
14.    must be patient enough to take me in his stride while the walls come down, slowly, but surely.
15.    must know how to say i love you in words other than i love you.
16.    must not look at other boys.
17.    must be willing to tell me his innermost thoughts even if it means it would hurt me.
18.    must love the beach.
19.    must be accepting of my interest in some cooky stuff, like horoscopes.
20.    must be involved in some humanitarian activity, even if just planting trees.
21.    must meet my standards of cuteness.
must or might.  i’m adaptable.  as alanis sings in 21 things, (and obviously from which this idea was ripped off) i’m in no rush.  it’s just a wish list.  the reality of human relationships is far too complex to enumerate in 21 items i desire.  but if i’m to get what i deserve, then i should first learn what i want.
i guess if these are the things i want, then i must be honest.  i’ve been in love a couple of times.  but real, big, true love?  that’s a different matter altogether.  when i find it, i’m chalking it up  to #22:  must be in it for the long haul.  because when i fall in love, it will be forever.  or not at all.
or am i just setting myself up for what could probably be the biggest let down of my life?


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