progressive party-list reps declare “independence”

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so there’s this bunch of “progressive” legislators who bolted the rainbow coalition at the house, and here is their statement:
“we assert the politics of change and genuine service to our people as guiding principles in all our actions”
i am particularly ribbed by the “all our actions” phrase.  i hope this includes the votes they cast for de venecia in the first place.  and before i forget, not only were their votes orchestraed to get those chairmanships, they convened a so-called party-list ‘bloc’ to conjure those votes, all the while excluding one particular party-list (guess which).  the objective back then was to get a seat in the powerful commission on appointments, which failed after other party-lists in the ‘bloc’ found these groups connived with another party-list to keep the seat to themselves in a year-and-a-half term-sharing scheme.
“although we sought such positions with the prime objective to better serve our people and advance our specific advocacies, we have no qualms in giving them up…”
this phrase is particularly revealing because it tells a lot about how these people look at their roles as legislators and at legislative work in general. 
to my mind, and this is just me talking, there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping one’s position within the ruling majority as long as you’re aware that you have been keeping faithful to your objective.
a vote cast for de venecia was a bitter pill to swallow for some (i don’t know about them, though, since they even held a press conference in june 2004 to announce their move) but the overriding concern should be to maximize every bit of opportunity to keep house positions accesible to your constituents. 
the house should remain an independent body and as chairpersons of its various committees, these people have an obligation to defend the fort, so to speak.  by they chose the media-savvy way out and gave them up voluntarily, without a fight. 
these positions should be protected not only because they allow for more service delivery, as these legislators correctly pointed out, but because to give them up is to surrender the work you are doing inside congress to the trapos who would only sit on those positions with their own interests at hand.
if the presidential lackeys succeed in deposing the liberals and the activists occupying positions in the various house committees then so be it.  but if no such moves materialize despite the impending impeachment, then why not stay put, unless you didn’t really value the struggle for gains within the house in the first place?  why give up if the battle hasn’t even began?  nograles raised the matter but why make it easy for these trapos to get their dirty paws on those posiitons?
these “progressive” solons are abdicating their work as “lawmakers” by default, and if they’re serious at all about reforms, then they should realize what a loss these committees are for the progressive movement as a whole.  IF they are serious about reform work.  if.


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