felicity and monday thoughts before the rain pours down

July 18, 2005 at 6:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

been feeling a bit bummed after i found out government is staging a speed dating event for gay people sometime this month.
marnie and i have been toying with the idea of starting a speed-dating business of our own, but then this happens before we could even sit down to talk about it again.  i was supposed to do more research on it, including coming up with a marketing strategy and targetting sponsors (which on second thought makes me wonder what marnie is supposed to do, grr).
but who knows.  we might still go through with it.  i remember one sticky point was whether we would cater to straight people too, and i have been arguing with marnie that it would be very difficult to market speed dating for hets.  i’m not convinced it will be that easy to find single women willing to go on a thing like speed dating.  it’s not right of course, but that’s just how things are.
what makes me even more bummed is that i want to join government’s speed dating event to try it out for myself.  but if marnie and i push through with our plans then i don’t want to appear like i got the idea form that event or something.  pseudo-conflict of interest, if you get my drift.
it’s time to get a haircut. 
went on a movie-watching binge during the weekend.  first off was indecent proposal, which i bought from the booths at last week’s guit fest.  robert redford was such a presence.  but the movie itself was so-so.  i can’t believe demi moore’s boobs are that huge.  what made it worthwhile was hearing lisa stansfield singing ‘in all the right places’ towards the end-credits.  i’ve always lovedthe song.  but i’ve never found any mp3 online.  sheesh.
next on was sunset boulevard, also bought from the guit fest.  that one was a fantastic movie.  memorable opening sequence, and the plot twist at the end was also quite unexpected.  and gloria swanson’s unfogetable lines:  “i am big! it’s the pictures that got small.”  and “alright mr. de mille, i’m ready for my close-up.” *shiver*.
on sunday morning i watched city of god.  it was amazing.  you have to see it for yourself, and if you have and you liked it then you’d know just how much i love it as well. the grit, the realism, the violence was in-your-face, but never judgmental.  i was particularly disturbed by the ending (actually the whole thing was disturbing, but the last scene moreso). 
then i moved on to salem’s lotwala lang. just for the heck of it.  it’s been gathering dust in my rack.  being in 3 discs was kind of a disincentive to finally watching it.  but i did last night. *yawn*
up next:  jude, henry and june, to catch a thief,  and disc 2 of guess who’s coming to dinner.  i swear i’m not watching that ashton kutcher remake. 


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