digging through memories

July 7, 2005 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

good old folks of peyups.com from four years ago. that’s me on the extreme right. see how fat i was? ugh. no wonder i didn’t have any dates. i was going through the peyups photo section (and still am) and realized just how much i miss a lot of these people. in this photo for instance, i realize it was the first time i had met len, riven, mayums and da_witch. am not sure if i had met angel (who still had jaemark’s arm around her, ehem, hihi) before this, but i miss her too. and then there’s aj and pen and i wonder where this couple is? i think this photo was taken after our first ever EB, among the mods, where cess, myself, aj, pen, jie, etc. had met before.

it just got me to realize how much memories seem lost to me now because i don’t have pictures of them. mainly because i don’t really like taking pictures because i’m not photogenic (as if!). but from now on, i’m going to acquaint myself with the cam. old-style or high-tech, i intend to put more memories in graphic detail instead of tucking them away in my mind-compartments. hmm.

parc royale in 02

lasing at the rock’enroll ’02

EK 02

EK ulit in 2002

the last peyups party i attended in 2003


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