i’m so raging mad, i can’t even put a title to this

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this morning we agreed (with the boss’s imprimatur, actually) that we (the office) would do a PR on what possible laws have been broken based on the conversations contained in the gloriagate tapes.  but this requires a bit of research, which requires some time, which unfortunately as press releases often go, we do not have much of.
later on, byron and i briefly exchanged views and i said, and byron agreed, that the story was ‘manipis’, that we didn’t have enough to go on with a release based on what we had at hand.  so i went back to my notes, perused briefers we got from everywhere else, and decided i’d build on a briefer that my officemate wrote.
i was thinking of how to angle the press release, what new thing i might have to say in it when fellow media officer jonas calls me up on my mobile asking, quite frantically, where the PR was.  i said we can’t go with the original idea because it’s ‘manipis’ and i certainly am not wasting my time working on yet another press release that won’t see print anyway if it’s not saying anything new or anything worth a reporter’s fucking second.
then jonas calls me up again on the local line and asks where the PR is and i tell him that i’m still thinking of what to write about and he tells me ‘ibaba mo na lang daw yung open letter for JDV yun na lang ang ipamigay sa media’.
sounded reasonable enough.  i complied.  i printed it out, i reproduced it, i collated the copies and got on to write the press release i was working on.  then jonas calls me up again and asks where the copies of the open letter are.  and i tell him that i am bringing them down, but was still doing the press release.  he asks me to hurry up, “kasi kailangan”, a statement so contemptuous i just had to retort:  “alam ko”
insensitive turd had enough good sense to ask ‘wala ba si norma’ and i say ‘wala’.  there was no one in the room except me and byron.  i had to do everything, including answer the fucking phone.
jonas then sends me a message using kit’s phone asking again where the letter is and i say ‘reproe’d, bababa ko, gnagawa ko pa PR’.  and then he sends another message from nenen’s phone at which point i say ‘punyeta sha magintay sha kamo’.
i go down after i do the shitty press release and distribute copies of the open letter.  i had began to feel so crappy about it all, and i chance upon him in the lobby and he says ‘ano problema mo?  tatawagin mo kong punyeta? ganyan na ba tayo mag-usap ngayon?  hindi ganyan ang tamang pagkausap sa kasama mo sa trabaho.’ 
for a second i realize his point.  that was immature to say ‘punyeta’. so i say, ‘look, i’m sorry for the punyeta, but you know what…’ and since i have never been known for my vocal eloquence, i just walked away. 
the asshole was lounging around in the fucking lobby while i was doing all the work and he did nothing but call me up and harass me and he feels offended because i said ‘punyeta’?  such self-righteousness!  such indifference!  such insensitivity!  who died and made him god of all things noble and beyond reproach?  did he die while jonas was busy doing nothing?
if he was so fucking smart then why doesn’t he do the press release himself?  yeah sure, punyeta is no way to adress your co-worker, but hey excuse me, mr. diplomatic know-it-all, what work exactly were you doing?
in any case i was so upset, and i still am.  and at the same time i am outraged by this high and mighty attitude, this solid contempt, this sense of being wronged while doing nothing at all to help.
give me a break!
self-righteous assholes who do nothing but bark orders while we worker bees actually do the dirty work are nothing more than fuckwads who are easy on the credits but difficult to find when everyone else is sweating for actual outputs.
i want to hurt him.  i want to hurt him badly.  this guy.. what can i say?  this guy just leaves me out of words with his outrageous sense of being so high above everyone else.  on so many levels he is tasteless and cheap, and he gets away with his easy words.  this guy has a lot of fake charm working around him, and i am so glad i got to see through all his BS.  i did my job.  i broke down a bit, no thanks to him pushing me from behind, an unproductive, uncaring hand of no help at all.
in a word, yes, punyeta indeed. why the hell did i take it back anyway?


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