draw your own conclusion, part 3

June 28, 2005 at 1:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

vince0925: restarted pc. did u get my last msgs?
doobie: you said, i should take my time
doobie: and then?
vince0925: parang i said work on your relationship with ******
vince0925: i think that’s the last i said
doobie: and then?
vince0925: dunno. it’s up to you. :))
doobie: how do i know if im really not over **** or its just the fact that he’s going out that i resent
vince0925: imagine if you’d be happy if he were back with you
vince0925: imagine. now.
vince0925: would you be happy?
vince0925: god i’m talking like an expert. duh.
doobie: awww, yes, i think i would be happy, come on, thats a hard question, we were together for 5 years
vince0925: discounting any other reason than what your heart tells you. would you really be happy? that’s a false argument to say yes you’d be happy because you were together for five years. agh. so typical, you hets! :))
doobie: hehehe
vince0925: 😛
doobie: okay, okay, in all honesty
vince0925: so, yes?
doobie: yes, i think we would be happy
vince0925: “we”, sure, but “me”?
doobie: yes, i would be happy
vince0925: you’re hanging on, i think. give it time.
vince0925: if ten years from now you’re still saying that, sasampalin na kita.


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