behind the scenes, part 3

June 23, 2005 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

if you were able to watch GMA7’s flash report at 3pm today chances are you probably saw me on tv holding up a round cardboard karatula screaming out the words ‘let’s hear the truth’.  yep.  since the security people in the office are pretty much comfy with our presence we decided to take our “protest actions” right inside the halls of congress.  while legislators came into the hall, we would intercept them and pin CDs with the slogan for the day on them.  since the security people knew who we were they stood by and allowed us to do our thing without any fuss at all.

turth be told we were hoping they’d ask us to make ourselves scarce.  a scene like that would definitely land.  but since we’re peace-loving moderates, we were happy with what we got. vic had a nice idea and instead of pinning the CDs onto our chests we put them in between our lips.  i hope the photogs pull through and if we’re lucky we’ll be in the papers again tomorrow. 

the point to all this is not just to land, but to keep reminding people that there is a burning issue that requires involvement, and that to do so presupposes the insistence of that message on media. 
while waiting for tpp to go on air, an abscbn crew asked us, ‘well, what will you have as an alternative if GMA steps down?’.  momentarily forgetting The Line, it got me to think.  then i replied ‘well, we want a transition government, we want GMA, the VP, the Cabinet and the COMELEC to resign en masse’.  of course the substantive discussion on the call would require a bit more of explanation at which point i didn’t have enough time.  the crewman gave a puzzled look and asked ‘may CD pa kayo?’  we gave him one.
it just got me to think how people might necessarily be unwilling to go out there because there is some credence to the argument that 2001 is just simply too fresh in everyone’s mind to actually make an effort to go and topple another government.  but stealing other people’s money is one thing.  stealing a mandate is even more jaw-dropping.
but i guess the impulse that cuts across classes and sectors is that, well, if you get rid of GMA, who’s taking her place?  definitely it shouldn’t come from the same set of elite power-brokers and interests.  that’s why it’s so hard to mobilize now. 
as i’ve said before, that critical mass just isn’t there yet.  in fact, it’s nowhere to be found. 
so the hearings resume next week and in the meantime, the story seems fated for below the fold or the inside pages with tarongoy coming home, sin dying etc., etc., etc.  this presents a challenge to sustain the issue, rightly so for the legitimate questions of governance and not to serve the self-righteous posturing of the wobbly opposition.
i just hope i don’t get tired of the issue myself.  it’s so hard to find a social life with all the work in-between blogging that i have to do.  and i haven’t been outside the office (oh wait,) except for that brief coffee session last night at gateway with marnie (and the fete last saturday), i haven’t had the time to see much anything outside the premises of this building. 
which is just awful because there’s this certain person i want to get to know better and maybe even ask out, if only circumstances allow.  i thought about him briefly while we sat inside the hall today but as the discussions began to infuriate me as wycoco talked about the NBI raids a few days ago, i had to focus again.
which gets me to think that my gonads are depressed.  i mean, truth be told, i’ve been pretty lifeless below the belt for the past few days.  while i have a few candidates, there’s no one inspiring daydreams in me.  i guess gloriagate or no, that’s been my story for the past few weeks.  i just wish i had enough time (and money) to go into the list of things i said i want to do, like get on a foreign language class or a climb. 
but i’m not complaining. i guess work should take precedence now.  doesn’t life happen to people who are too busy doing something else?



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  1. “..of course the substantive discussion on the call would require a bit more of explanation at which point i didn’t have enough time. the crewman gave a puzzled look and asked ‘may CD pa kayo?’ we gave him one.”

    hehe. this line made me smile vince. hehe. thanks. maybe he interviewed you just as a warmer for asking a cd. which brings me to my point – May CD ka pa? ako rin pahingi. đŸ™‚

  2. maybe. natawa na lang ako sa sarili ko because he’s from abscbn. hehe. and i said we also want noli to resign. hehehehe. sure dan, pano ko naman ibibigay sa yo?


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