behind the scenes, part2

June 22, 2005 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

so today we gathered all staff we could bring down to the galleries and we distributed CDs with the catchphrase “Let’s Hear the Truth” written on them. we were half-expecting the security people to ask us to leave the hall.

if they were taking notes they’d easily spot me among the rows of staff we had. i kinda stood out with the hair. but apparently, we would not figure in any “scene”. for one thing, the security people know us, and secondly my companions must have an average age of 35, take me out and that average would probably go up to 38. so we weren’t exactly a bunch you’d expect to be quick on our feet, much less figure in a brawl.

so we sat patiently for about an hour and a half before my companions began going back to our offices in pairs. after filling up with sightings of my ex-uber crush migs, and my current flame *****, i told my seatmates i wanted merienda and we went back to the office. i was pretty worried we wouldn’t get much coverage, but thankfully perci was on top of the situation, and as you can see, we landed on ch7’s newsflash, courtesy of tina panganiban-perez. if you’re lucky you can still see the report on inq7, but i doubt it, since they often change the front page on an almost hourly basis.

still i’m happy. that’s kit and mayong in that screenshot, and etta beside her. meanwhile we were inside the session hall, and i was bored with all that circuitous questioning.

we don’t expect things to heat up until next week, when the legislators get around to the question of playing the tapes. personally, i would compare that moment to the ‘open-the-envelope’ vote in the senate back in 2001. it will probably show the division within the committees hearing the gloriagate scandal and would probably go down as a trial run of how committee members (and subsequently, the plenary) would vote upon the committee report once the hearings are finished and the findings are presented.

but in all these, it seems to me that so much opportunity is lost to dig deeper at the circumstances that allowed for gloriagate in the first place. i’m convinced it’s her on those tapes. i’m convinced both administration and opposition cheated in the last elections. she was just too stupid to have gotten herself on audio. but the question no trapo would ever dare ask is: how were they able to cheat anyway? in a moment of reflection and self-recrimination would lawmakers be able to realize that if they stood above their own petty interests our elections should have been modernized a long, long time ago?

ack. if gilbert weren’t so cute, i would have willingly made a scene myself earlier and just shouted “get on with the fucking program!” by that i would mean i didn’t want them to speed up the investigation. the hearing will be squashed sooner or later when the palace whips its boys in the house in line anyway. i would have meant i wanted these people to get down into the business of making laws that are of actual use instead of bickering and grandstanding.


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