behind the scenes, part 1

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so it’s the first day of the gloriagate scandal hearing at the place where i work (yeah yeah, i think since these are extraordinary times then anything i post about all the politics i see around me on a daily basis would require a disclosure of where i work — at long last). and now here i am circumventing the screwed up servers of by posting this via email and going back and reflecting on what today’s hearing taught me.
so much time was wasted wrangling over procedure, but it doesn’t come as a surprise that questions of quorum and parliamentary etiquette would suddenly now be used to try and delay the hearings.  i sat with a couple of officemates at the second gallery where anti-gma protestors were waiting at the doors to get in.  flashing our id’s we were let in and as i breezed by i heard one of the protestors saying ‘baka maubusan na kami ng upuan’. i thought about whether orders were given out to keep the number of common tao at a minimum, and how this would fit in exacly to our fears that administration folks would try to downplay the inquiry.  certainly with cameras panning at the gallery and if all there is to show are rows upon rows of empty seats then that would somehow create a sense that the general public is not interested in the issue.
the galleries must be full to the hilt.  this is a legitimate question of good governance and transparent rule, and of accountable officials.  certainly if the common tao cannot articulate that, the pulitikos rambling in the plenary should know the importance of ensuring participation in the proceedings precisely by having people watch them.
mr. spice boy who is gunning for the senate, an ex-uber crush, had said that perhaps it would be better to have the hearings at the andaya hall.  with all the media and the house employees watching, how many common tao will they be able to let in if they moved the hearings there? duh. i like his face, even if his head is too big for his body, but a lot of times he inspires violent images in my mind, especially when he talks about the death penalty.
my bosses were wearing ‘truth barongs and at once we see the “opposite camp” scrambling to hike media for photo-ops.  i make a face at old friend tinay, in jest (and behind her back, haha), and i make suyo my own contacts affirming if they were in receipt of copies of our release — a short piece that occupied my morning as i translated to tagalog just as sandra from 7 comes in to take shots of my boss in that ‘in cd veritas’ barong. old friend (and PO) rose taps me in the shoulder and we exchange brief, if not hypocritical greetings before we proceeded to do our work.

meanwhile, the stars of the show, the lawmakers, were in criscrossing diatribes about rules, rules, rules.  press secretary toting bunye, an otherwise genteel, intelligent man fumbles and wobbles his way through an eyebrow-raising testimony in which he passes the buck to media for burning his copy of the Garci tapes and then goes on to make a comparison between the taped conversation and photocopied signatures.  the more it is reproduced the more its veracity becomes suspect, he says, in less eloquent words, and to me, it sounds like a rehearsal for what would eventually become the Palace’s official script.
which gets me to think.  just who is writing the president’s script?  if i were her hack i’d be done with this in a day.  but of course the plot would involve secret lovers and a midnight rendezvous at the palace gardens, maybe two or three. (in keeping with my ultimate sex fantasy of outdoor sex).  and of course there has to be gay characters in it.  and 50 cents will definitely not make it to the soundtrack, with that infamous ringtone.  but i digress.
the president’s reticence only makes me doubt whether she will tell the truth if and when she decides to finally comment on the tapes.  gma, umamin ka na.  lahat naman kayo nandadaya.  for all your educational attainment, ang pagkakamali mo lang nagpa-tape ka.
and then afterwards, resign. for reasons i will have to elaborate on in my press release for tomorrow.  because since we live in a particularly explosive conjuncture in our country’s political life, i realize i will have to go back to work now.


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