crackdowns and silence

June 20, 2005 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

The sinister hands of those who have something to hide are apparently extending their slimy paws to places close to my heart.
Not only did they file sedition charges last week against a couple of youth leaders who happen to move in my circles, they have actually gone on to raid the actual printing house that took on the job of putting out those posters. 
I have heard more gruesome stories involving the employment of brute state force against innocent civilians, but this development just infuriates me.  I may be a hopeless romantic blogger by night, but by day I am first and foremost a propagandist.  And to hear NBI agents knocking down doors and to harass printers for puting out posters with a caricature of the President (in which she actually looked even prettier than in real life, if you ask me) and a harmless call for citizens to ‘exercise their rights on June 30’ is a fascist crackdown against our very cherished principle of the Constitutionally-guaranteed right to freedom of expression.  The agents were apparently looking for the electronic file of the Valentina poster and confiscated a computer.  Sketchy details nevertheless highlight the lows of desperation to which this regime is sinking.
The LTFRB is asking drivers not to use the Hello Garci ringtone as busina.  The DOJ is threatening to go after anyone caught with CDs of the taped conversations of the President and the COMELEC operator.  And now this?  Mukhang guilty!  Does Malacañang have people whose job is to do nothing but monitor blogs all day?  Wow, that would be my dream job if not for the probably nefarious job description that goes with it.  Because if GMA is employing someone for this purpose then Malacañang would probably go after PCIJ next, or the journalists bringing their reportage outside of their newsrooms and onto their online journals.
An even worrying development has just reached my attention not more than 10 minutes ago.  Our political party’s office is apparently being monitored as well.  After the raid on the printing press that churned out the FDC’s Valentina posters, they are also asking tricycle drivers around the area (some of whom are Akbayan members, by the way) where the political party’s headquarters is located.
This probably stems from the series of protest actions we conducted over the past few days — one in front of Congress, another one in Cubao where we played the Garci tapes and distributed copies to the public and today at the Comelec office all leading to open acts of defiance against government’s not-so-subtle attempts at containing public knowledge of the tapes.
Meanwhile, the President is off to Hong Kong to put up a brave face in front of investors that they can still plunk down their dollars into the local economy despite this shameful controversy hounding her.  Foolish girl.  What economy is she trying to prop up with this trip?  Our economy is already unstable precisely because of her dogmatic adherence to liberalization and the continued opening of hundreds of industries to undue and unfair competition from imported products.  This is the very reason why people are alienated from her government. 
The Congressional hearings continue tomorrow in grand fashion, with five committees conducting the probe at the session hall itself.  While these hearings may go down as more pomp and romp than actual substance, since the opposition only needs it to sustain the issue in the market of public opinion, there is still an opening that could be seized to allow the truth to come out.
Screw protocol and the separation of powers.  We have use for them in times in which we are properly governed in which accountability and transparency are exactable and normal for government to demonstrate.  But obviously, we are living in extraordinary times.  And these are not ordinary charges being levelled against the most powerful woman in the country.  She is being accused of rigging an election.  That is a betrayal of public trust.  Ehem, last time I heard that phrase, it constituted a basis for the impeachment of a pot-bellied thief we used to call His Excellency.
GMA should explain herself to Congress once the hearings get around the issue of the authenticity of the tapes. 
Don’t cower under the vagary of separation of powers.  For a President whose population policy is dictated by her religious conviction and not the economics of her politics, I dare say it is hypocritical to have double standards like this.
To be sure, GMA is not going to come crashing down at this point.  I’m betting my printed word on it.  But the government’s attacks on its opponents is only hastening the process.  Speak up, Madam President.  Don’t you have an iota of shame left in your bones at all?



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  1. i think she should focus more on our population and poverty problems. kaya mataas ang crime rate natin bec there’s too much of us and less work opportunities and less pay.

  2. malay mo nga, may nagmomonitor ng blogs… for all we know, they are currently running a search on google for hello garci.. mwehehehe

    *gasp* buti na lang may anony dito.. pwede mo akong bigyan ng copy ng cd na yan? naiintriga na talaga ako pramis.. mwehehehe

    — maroon

  3. brown eyes,

    and even her population policy stinks! we have a crime rate precisely because the population boom is undeniable putting a stress on our resources. and add to that, the fact taht the rich and powerful (like GMA) expect and do get away with crimes!


    it’s everywhere kaya. we know people who are distributing copies. pero you can try out muna, mukhang andu pa. 😀

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