what do you call this syndrome

June 16, 2005 at 10:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

sometimes one gets a nagging feeling that he is being taken advantage of.

it’s that feeling one gets when, for example, one is told he has a couple of checks pending release but he has to drop by the office to pick them up. and he goes ‘wow, great thanks, that’s just what i need right now for my budget’. and then when he drops by the office he is told ‘hey, you know what, the accountant was going over our books and we were reminded about a cash advance you made at the start of the year… blah blah blah’.

such subterfuge! such powerplay!

it’s that feeling one gets when he gets an invitation for a gimik in which a tempting endeavour (not sex, mind you) is made, like ‘oh let’s go to the mall, there’s a sale on those pants you’ve been lusting over eversince forever’. and he welcomes the idea only to find out that going there would entail helping out a complete stranger make sense of their private mess, like ‘oh, but is it okay if this poor friend of mine whose boyfriend is cheating on her tags along? i can’t handle her, can you talk to her?’

put out a thought balloon over my head and paint, in screaming red letters, the following words: “can i just be spared such imposed duties when i am not particularly in the mood to meet strangers, especially fucked up ones? i’m busy un-fucking my own life, in case you hadn’t heard.”

it’s that feeling one gets when he is dragged into conversations where he can’t even put in his own brilliant thoughts on any other matter, or where his own travails are not even heard, or where he isn’t even asked ‘what’s up with you?’ or ‘what are you thinking of right now?’

instead he smiles, because he is amazed at just how it seems that the nicest buttocks in this world always come with the biggest assholes.

it’s that feeling one gets when he can’t say no and his only defense is to bitch about it online.



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  1. uy sige, I would like a copy. bluearden@gmail.com if you don’t mind. Thanks!


  2. hi jason! sure. give me 5 minutes. kunwari muna nagwo-work ako. har har.

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