payslip blues

June 15, 2005 at 4:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

they say there is power in the pink peso. that this segment of the population: steady income, no kids, even a bit vain — is making its presence felt in the market because gay guys are buying clothes, eating out and dancing and shopping around town or if not, at least sitting in some cinema watching an art film or something something.

screw all that. i don’t feel the power of my purse. if anything, pink peso for me means my payslip is so pale because in less than 12 hours all the contents have all been accounted and spent for.

yey. payday is here, and guess what, all that’s left is… uhmmm… let me see….

ok i took out a crisp yellow for payment to the eyeglasses guy, and shelled out a couple of violets for eload backlog payments to my officemate and i’m stapling the rest for the rent.

oh yeah. let’s see. that’s P17.50 in my pocket left. isn’t that grand?!?

ok maybe i am exaggerating a bit. i had received my subsidy last week and plunked it all down on groceries and a couple of pink filmfest selections.

but it wasn’t as if i overindulged or anything. that’s just the way it always goes down when you have R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-I-E-S. funny how people in the office seem to be under the impression that since i’m single i don’t get to spend much on “mainstream” concerns like kids and amortizations. which is why i’ve made it a point to let people know that i do pay for things around the house. a lot actually, so my “single” status in my tax form is actually very deceptive.

that’s how discrimination manifests itself in my life. the boxes they provide in forms don’t allow for interpretations to reflect the complex relaities of a gay guy’s life. sure i’m single. sure i don’t have kids and i have no plans of getting any anytime soon.

but that doesn’t mean i’m spending my pink pesos on vanity (well, maybe just about 10%) or fun (ok, maybe just about 5%, okay maybe 10, okay fine make that 15%). this government owes me more rebates and breaks!

sigh. better follow-up my payslip for my so-called ‘rakets’ just so i can have some funds to tide me over until the next payslip comes along. ugh.


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