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a weekend gift from che, by a self-help author named peter mcwilliams. i don’t need the advice right now, since i don’t consider myself in a bad place at all, but the poetry is quite mentionable.

Our love affair
has crash landed.
I am trapped
in the rubble
of gossamer wings.
The Wright brothers
would have been proud
of our flight, but
we live in an age
of moon landings and
space shuttles.
Our flight was pitifully low
and painfully brief.
make the circumstances
of the beginnings

the poem reminds me of a song by Connor Reeves, entitled Earthbound. I liked this song when it came out, a follow-up single to his more famous “My Father’s Eyes”. I also enjoyed the high cliffs and canyons on the video, and the lines that went “if you really have to go, you take the high i’ll take the low”.

how high does one fly when one is in the throes of a passion so soon to burn, so brief to last? better not think about it. i’m earthbound, as reeves sang it. i took the low, and i’m fine. i don’t think i’ll be needing mcwilliams’ advice anytime soon. hopefully.


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