edsa 4, anyone?

June 10, 2005 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

the bombshells just keep going off these days. but no change in government is coming anytime soon. the objective balance of forces has not shifted in the way that we saw them do in the days of marcos and estrada.

this is not to be construed as a defense of the incumbent. far form it. i don’t think she’s got any business running this country. but the ‘jueteng’ alllegation shave not pinned her down.

the revelations now of nbi director sammy ong does not in any way carry the same weight as the revelations chavit singson did in 2001.

in all probability the incumbent’s operators did cheat in the last elections. of course. but so did the opposition. it went both ways.

as for jueteng income, the buck seems to stop at the FG and the equally detestable son whose congressional office, by the way, is equipped with the biggest flat-screen plasma tv set in the market nowadays (no practitioner of frugal and judicious spending of government funds, he is).

but most importantly, the middle class, that often ignored sector of society whose taxes keep this country running and whose intellect save it from descending into sheer madness, is not yet out there.

true, the revsit the reds are orgasmically dreaming of will be a tide of hard-luck, dispossessed poor folks. but the people doing the pushing in the back will always be the articulate, educated and politically savvy middle class. no amount of transformation from ndf material to cpp cadre will change the fact that the revvies keeping the dreams of a long dead chinese guy alive are organic middle class hypocrites whose concept of proletarianism consist of bloody purges and self-imposed ideological superiority.

so without the much-abhorred MF doing all the hard work — from simple word of mouth to actual organizing and mobilizing — the incumbent will stay put. no matter what.

they’re all the same anyway. no matter which elite faction you put in there, they’re all just going to steal our money anyway. and who’s to save us? it’s not the elites. oh no. they’re all too busy protecting their own interests, alternately bickering and colluding to do so. and if you look to your left, it’s not the false majority of revvies genuflecting at mao who have the answers either. they’re too busy drawing up hitlists and getting joma into international confabs (thus the hatred of walden) to bother with actual theoretical rebuilding and praxis.

unless people get some sense knocked into them that we can start getting ourselves out of this mess only by voting these people out of office can we really make this country more like a nation. and not a thousand islands accidentally incorporated by the convenience of having just one flag.


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