draw your own conclusion, part 2

June 2, 2005 at 7:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

vince0925: pst. guess who’s online
eileen_: who?
eileen_: *****?
eileen_: hehehe
vince0925: malay ko kung ano YM ni *****. :))
vince0925: *********_**** ring a bell? :))
vince0925: almost forgot nga din kung sino itech… until, *ding* — it’s **. 😛
vince0925: pero dedma eh. hmm. kebs na ko. :))
eileen_: ay, talaga? mwehehehe
eileen_: kamustahin mo
eileen_: daliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
eileen_: hehehe
vince0925: naaah
vince0925: wa ba sha sa list mo?
eileen_: wala eh. didn’t know he logs on to ym
vince0925: took him off my friendster, deleted his number etc
vince0925: well don’t bother
eileen_econ: wahahahaha
vince0925: malaman pa niyang pnaguusapan natin sha
vince0925: :))

daylight savings time lifted. the hands of the clock have moved on, indeed. a tinge of bitterness? sure, why not. but for someone i didn’t really love anyway, mentioning his name is too much flattery than he actually deserves.


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