An Evening with Hets

June 2, 2005 at 6:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

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last night i went over to eileen’s office to pick up my retainer and i hanged out at her office snacking on clarence’s blu skies and fidgeting with her lovely, spanking brand new sony ericsson k500i. while i bored myself silly passing time and eileen worked on her stata software crunching labor statistics, an hour passes and rico phones her up and joined us.

i toy with some graphs eileen had printed out on her table and make a demonstration. “this is actually a graph that shows my finances,” i tell my audience of two, “makikita po natin ang tinatawag nating supply and demand,” i explain. the lovebirds were in stitches.

“you’ll notice that the demand side is at a high,” i said, giggling. “everytime it’s near the 15th, it spikes up,” i say, and the two are laughing. “but you’ll notice that the supply side, however, is kinda, well, it’s kinda going in a straight line,” i said while pointing to the supply line. “and you will notice this sign,” i go on, pointing to a symbol of the pi just beneath the supply arrow, “this is what we call ‘my mother’,” i tell eileen and rico, “and you’ll notice that at some point she intercepts the supply line,” and we have a hard time controlling our laugh.

i move on to another graph with three sets of zigzagging lines on it and i tell rico, “this is the graph that tells you about my lovelife,” and we laugh. rico says “it goes up and down?” and i say no, “it’s actually the broken lines,” i said, meaning to say ‘pahinto-hinto’, and we giggle.

at which point clarence, hard on his computer prepping a powerpoint, forwards a good-natured suggestion to eileen: “magkape na kaya kayo?”. being the nice person he is, we are not offended, and giggle a bit more at the suggestion, before we get the message and go silent for a while.

a while goes before we eventually make our way to cafe breton across the street and have crepes for dinner. of course the idea that i was once again third-wheeling my friends isn’t lost on me, a thought any single gay guy probably knows only too well.

but since these were eileen and rico, it was alright. i didn’t really mind. i do not have a lot of attached friends, (only eileen and princess), which aside from partially explaining why i’m still single, also presents a particular angle in public comport. how does one conduct himself in the company of people who are in love?

well, i had an option to see the glass half-empty. i could point out how mushy and yucky they were being so sweet and all that in front of me. or i could care less and just ignore them when they’re holding hands and making gooey eyes at each other. or i could go all extremist and just say ‘you hets! you disgust me!’

my blessed singleness could not have been more pronounced as last night. thought balloon among people who pass us by: “oh what a lovely couple, complete with all the works, including the token gay friend, who even as surely as he is bubbly and witty, is relegated to the role of sidekick!”. but truth to tell, i couldn’t give a crock.

i have made peace with singlehood. the fact that i was with a couple didn’t have to mean i had the pleasantness of a box of rocks. it’s just that well, i am single, and so what if it wasn’t exactly a double date?

the most honorable path, as i took it last night, was think of them as two of my friends, who just happen to be attached to each other. third-wheeling then became an easier role.



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  1. p’re, it’s fun hanging out with het couples. but if you let that longing-to-be with-someone-too feeling or the i-feel-so-out-of-this-place mentality take hold of you, you’ll end up cursing all couples, het and homo alike.

    trust me, i’ve been there. and i’ve missed a lot of happy moments with friends who i chose not to hang out with simply because they were with their other half.

  2. korak. and don’t worry. i’m fine. i’d rather be with friends than run around town chasing after some ass. i’m through with dickheads. i want The Real Thing. crepes ulit? hihihi!


  3. korak. and don’t worry. i’m fine. i’d rather be with friends than run around town chasing after some ass. i’m through with dickheads. i want The Real Thing. crepes ulit? hihihi!


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