daydream #3

May 30, 2005 at 11:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i’m a single dad, raising twin daughters i shall name vanessa and veronica. yeah, i’m kinda vain that way. they are lovely creatures, with locks so curly people mistake them for dolls. my girls are beautiful, of course, and they are very genteel and well-mannered. but the dark side is that they’re spoiled silly by their dad who can’t screw up the guts to be strict. i’m a very doting daddy, and i am obssessed about giving my daughters the stuff i never had when i was growing up, like a pre-need plan, for instance.

my kids are off all that junk from fastfood chains, and when they’re being nasty as little girls can be sometimes, daddy has one particular line to tell them: “honey, don’t be such a bitch and do as daddy says, ok?” of course they are too tender to hear such filth come out of their daddy’s mouth at their age, which is three.

and of course take-home boys are out of the equation eversince (i adopted them/their surrogate mom gave them over to me). but it’s okay. i got out of a really, really bad relationship when they were about a year old and i am fine with devoting my whole time and attention to them anyway.

and yeah, having daughters necessitate that i get my own car. there is absolutely no fucking way i am tagging them along on commute. i am NOT getting my precious daughters on a jeepney or a bus, thank you very much. i am getting a third baby, and that’s a car i shall call toby.

the only problem is, where the fuck am i getting the money for all of this?


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