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the stars have broad advice for what makes each sun sign sexy. for librans like me, the advice goes — be categorical. certainty is sexy.

unfortunately i’m a double libra, and the indecision is just pompously pronounced in my character. i don’t know how i’ll feel about or react to something at any given time. sometimes i’ll be fine with it, and sometimes i would be fuming.

i think this accounts mostly for why i can’t put a period to some of the bad episodes i’ve had in the past. but when i do decide that it’s over, and i’m sure about it, there’s no going back. i did this recently and now i’m without anyone occupying my thoughts at all.

too bad i only found about avril lavigne’s song yesterday while searching for stereophonics songs.

And I wanna believe you
When you tell me that itíll be okay
Yeah, I try to believe you
But I donít

When you say that itís gonna be
It always turns out to be a different way
I try to believe you
Not today, today, today, today, today

I donít know how Iíll feel
I donít know what to say
Tomorrow is a different day

Its always been up to you
Letís turn it around, itís up to me
Iím gonna do what I have to do
Just donít

Give me a little time
Leave me alone a little while
Maybe itís not too late
Not today, today, today, today, today

but this i know. tomorrow i will know how i feel. i will feel nothing. that’s categorical but somehow i get the feeling that it isn’t sexy at all. but screw it. at least it makes me know that i’m fine.


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