10 going on 29

May 22, 2005 at 1:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i am drawing up a list of things i want to achieve before my 29th birthday. well, i could go ahead and say before my 28th, but that’s less than six months away, so i don’t want to be THAT ambitious.

1. climb a mountain.

literally. and not in a julie andrews way. i mean go on that freaking trip tune and i have always been talking about. dare the outdoors, brave mother nature’s challenge. and if the mountaineer guide is cute, who knows. sex in the forests? *nod my head like a crazed hormonal teenager and drool*

2. quit smoking.

mom was bugging me yesterday. friends are chiding me. i had drawn up a timetable (again) yesterday, and i think this one is more realistic than my previous may 1 deadline. so for the whole of june i will be bringing down my consumption to about half a pack a day, and on july i will cut it further down into 6, 4, and then to only two sticks a day and then just 1 stick a day for one week before totally quitting on august 1. here we go again!

3. go vegan.

corey wills is such an inspiration. that’s the body i want. it’s not ripped, but damn it. it’s GOOD. well, no doubt working out is a part of it aside from going all green, but i read about this hullabaloo over KFC’s chicken in Business World the other day and it just grossed me out. poor chickens! i really want to go vegan. i consider it doing my part in helping animals. but i will have to draw the line at rats. i am not taking chickens home so i could prevent acts of cruelty against them. i will just, as a responsible consumer, stop eating them. oh wait, aren’t vegans allowed to eat chicken? ok, so maybe i should start with the basics, like research. because i’m not exactly ready to strike out milk from my diet either.

4. watch more plays and musicals.

for the past few months i have been pouring over Business World’s weekenders and have made a promise to myself to expose myself to more culture. a way to refine my jolog side, i say. be a bit more cultured. stop being so balahura sometimes.

5. learn a foreign language

hmm. what better way to practice than to do exercises with a foreign tongue? well, barring the presence of spaniards and frenchmen in my life i think i’ll just go ahead and sign up for chinese. that’s where all the moolah is. 20% of the world’s population speak it, and it’s the single biggest economy in the world after the US. hu jintao dropped by for a visit and delivered a speech at the office, and i had a nagging suspicion what he was really saying was “here’s a toast to the Chinese annexation of the Philippines in ten years!” and all the idiots at the gallery were cheering him on not knowing what the hell he was talking about. they were just clapping everytime a cue card was raised in front of them with the word “applause” written on it.

6. be less judgmental.

uhm, this isn’t really a life goal as much as it is a reminder to myself.

7. go back to the gym.

the stars say jupiter’s presence in my sun sign this year brings with it a series of fortunate events (like, duh, where are they?), but being the planet of expansion, jupiter can also bring about a most physical interpretation to this and mean that i will get fat again. well, i did notice the love handles attempting to stage a comeback last week, so i went on a discreet, but effective diet. i’m fine now, they’re under control *pinch side of belly*. but the flat abs are still a dream, and so are all the kinky acts i associate with having them.

8. get on track to financial independence.

well, i am independent. the truth is, i am depended on. but by this i mean i have to start getting my financial act in order. no more debt, no more obligations, no more paybacks to be made. but in a year and a half? ha! such is the bane of the middle class intellectual.

9. travel.

connected to no. 8, this would be the best measure that i have achieved self-sufficiency in my finances. my first endeavor would be either thailand or singapore. but sodomy’s a no-no in singapore, so thailand it is. unless my mom tags along. most probably. basta, travel. kebs kung baguio lang yan. basta.

10. find someone worthy and then go after him until he gives in.

the next time i fall in love, this is going to be my strategy. yeah, yeah, i’ve said goodbye to love, and all that. but i have a proven track record in going against my word when it comes to love. so next time, it will be all about the 21 things i deserve in a lover (apologies, alanis). and as she sings, ‘i’m in no hurry i could wait forever, i’m in no rush ‘coz i like being solo, in the meantime i’ll live like there’s no tomorrow.’ i have a candidate, but well.. i’m not jumping ahead of myself.

and that’s what this list is all about, i guess. it’s all about giving flesh to what i said was me ‘finding empowerment in my solitude’. damn it. i’m young, i’m beautiful, my life feels like a soap sometimes, but hey, quoting jessie is the way to go about it. drawing this list up means i’m taking on this trip and if someone comes along to share the journey then yay. if not, then boo-hoo and so what.


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