oh, rats!

May 21, 2005 at 11:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i think honey’s sick. darling is getting along fine, if not getting a bit fat. and i have a nagging suspicion that sugar and sweetheart are both boys.

no, these are not pseudonyms for fuck buddies. one can only be so lucky to be able to juggle four guys at the same time.

for the past three weeks i have been taking care of two pairs of pinto mice which mom bought from bioresearch on a whim while malling with my niece suji.

actually mom initially bought honey and darling, and they were fine until we noticed how their cage was too small. last payday i visited sm north after a long, long time so i could “upgrade” their dwelling. i bought a larger plastic cage with the cover made so that one could stick in a dropper for water and another slot is provided for further upgrading tools like a tower or a slide.

i also bought a wheel which the rats were only too happy to jump on and play in, as well as a play tube where i would usually find honey and darling sleeping.

i had overestimated honey and darling’s sizes, and when i brought home sweetheart and sugar i found that the new additions were much bigger than the original pair. but they’re getting along fine. but as i’ve said i think honey’s sick. he’s a bit slow nowadays and he keeps mostly to himself. i noticed his thin fur of grey with a streak of white on the back is also ruffled, as if he was infected with lice or something. yuck. i don’t touch him nowadays.

darling, on the other hand is getting along well with the new, bigger pair. they are sooooo makulit. they are still running around the cage even when i’m about to go to bed at around 12.

sugar and sweetheart are monochromatic, sugar is all brown and sweetheart is all grey. and they’re very very healthy, i might add. they’ve foregone the ratfood we bought and have taken a liking to bread instead. lucky rats, our supplies are always wheat bread, or at times, specialty breads from starbucks or breadworks from where i usually buy for mom.

why rats? well, mom started it. they’re very cheap. and very low maintenance. i’m the one who spoils them with expensive bread and mineral water (!).

when i bought the new cage for the furry foursome, i also went around the shop and thought about starting up a fishtank. maybe in the next few weeks. but my only concern is that it will take too much space, and someone has to keep an eye on them since i’m always out. and i am not a big fan of fishes (except jazzy, hehe).

i just get to thinking that well, the house can’t be forever devoid of animal presence, aside from my brother who is ugaling animal, but after barbie’s death last year i haven’t exactly warmed up to the idea of a dalmatian, despite my mom’s pleas. and besides, we rent, so i don’t want to bother with moving around with a pet. it is hard to find a place where they let pets in, in the first place.

but for now the sanitized, domesticated rats will do. they’re a much welcome presence despite, and maybe exactly because of, the bad rap that rats suffer from.

it’s not exactly a come-on for dates who would like to inquire about what sort of pet i keep in the house, but hey, what the heck. i probably saved those rats from being fed to snakes. that’s a plus, right?


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