songs of hope, songs of despair

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i ripped the idea for this off marnie’s blog and came up with my own list. but since i believe we all spend our lives weeping half the time and laughing the other half, i decided it would be better to come up with 10 other songs that indicate positive messages, songs that never fail to lift me up.

the list is by no means definitive. for i am sure that in my never-ending affair with the world of music as a listener (an occassional crooked crooner), there are still a million songs to be found and enjoyed.

but for now, this is my playlist. and while i haven’t found the way to put up at least samplers, i have instead attached to each piece my most favorite lines from each one and where possible, elaborated on why i love each song.

songs of despair

downtown train – everything but the girl
“I know your window and I know it’s late. I know your stairs and your doorway. I walk down your street and past your gate. I stand by the light at the four-way”

i am particularly fond of trains. they are far more comfortable than jeepneys and buses, but not that expensive. especially the line that runs through aurora. trains are spacious enough to allow myself a space for myself and be able to look around at all the fellow strangers on their way somewhere else, without the feeling of suffocating, unless of course one is taking the old and original LRT line which i have not been on in about a year.

as for this song, the forlorn image of a solitary peregrine on a train taking the last trip, watching the buildings pass by and a long-lost love on his mind has always stuck to me from the moment eileen gave me an ebtg cd with this tom waits original in it.

damaged – tlc
“i might look through your stuff for what i don’t wanna find or i might just set you up to see if you’re all mine.”

aren’t we all damaged? we all have old scars we have to contend with at one point. no one is perfect and this song seems to tell me that no one should even try. the paranoia flavor is also what makes this song so much fun for me, because admittedly, i could just find myself doing the things said in the quote above. all because i could be capable of either extremes: i could either smother my love because i tend to be protective and guarded, or i could be totally supportive even if it means i have to lose that very same love.

you don’t know me – jann arden
“you give your hand to me and then you say goodbye. i watch you walk away, you’re such a lucky guy, oh you will never know the one who loves you so ’cause you don’t know me.”

in my mind i have accused not less than a couple of guys just how much we couldn’t break down the walls because he didn’t know the first thing about me, which is sad because this songs says how one could lose an opportunity because one doesn’t know the other. how does one do that anyway, i get to think everytime i hear this song.

here without you – three doors down
“A thousand lights had made me colder and I donít think I can look at this the same. But all the miles had separate, they disappear now when Iím dreaming of your face.”

i love the video for this song. and i think i love the melody more than anything else about it. very sentimental, from a poprock group, but the effect is no less genuine.

paper bag – fiona apple
“I was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy, whose reality I knew, was a hopeless to be had.”

fiona’s best, in my opinion. i love the images, the held-back feeling of hopelessness, the general sense that well, one is spending too much time on wishes and what ifs against the reality of a hopeless reality, a love never to be consummated.

fallen – sarah mclachlan
“I have sunk so low, I have messed up, better I should know. So don’t come round here and tell me ‘I told you so.'”

i should know better. four words i keep tellign myself when this song is on. and it’s mclachlan. what else can i say?

almost doesn’t count – brandy
“Gonna find me somebody not afraid to let go. Want a no doubt be there kind of man, you came real close.”

i am particularly fond of this song because of the rocketman episode. yes, i’ll admit, this is the song i have for him.

put your arms around me – texas
“Are you ready? Maybe, do you long to confess? Do you feel that you’re already numb? Are you sure of yourself? Would you lie if you’re not?”

sharon’s vocals are at their best in this song, and i don’t think anyone else can pull it off.

dying – five for fighting
“I’m dying, dying to wake up without you, without you in my head again. I’m dying, dying to forget about you, that you ever lived.”

a bit morbid to take the title at face value, but the ironic tone is nt lost on me.

i want someone badly – jeff buckley
“now i want someone badly, to burn in here with me. but listen baby ’cause i cry all over madly don’t do anything do it for me.”

maybe a part of me is desperate, and buckley knows just how to sing hte words for me.

songs of hope

in a little while – u2
“In a little while I won’t (be) blown by every breeze Friday night running to Sunday on my knees.”

the confidence is just uplifting without sounding arrogant. the riffs are particularly splendid in this song too.

one fine day – natalie merchant
“We’ll meet once more and then you’ll want the love you threw away before.”

new york, here i come. if only for the chance to sing this song in the middle of an autumn rain running down 5th avenue makes me want to leave manila.

the rendition is very subdued, but very assured.

i’m about to come alive – train
“Maybe I’m not but you’re all I got left to believe in. Don’t give up on me I’m about to come alive. And I know that it’s been hard and it’s been a long time coming. Don’t give up on me I’m about to come alive.”

this is the way i always imagine my relationships would end. bored out of his pants, he would leave me because the emotional satisfaction has hit a plateau from which there is no going anywhere except back down. but the song is a plea for trust. that despite the hardships, things could still work out.

right kind of wrong – leann rimes
“I should try to run but I just canít seem to. Cause every time I run youíre the one I run to.”

i used to associate this song with he whose eyes do not have it. someone so wrong could make you feel what you feel is so right. falling for the wrong type of guys? trust me, i’m an expert.

walking away – craig david
“Sometimes some people get me wrong, when it’s something I’ve said or done. Sometimes you feel there is no fun, that’s why you turn and run.”

this is my rise-above-all-of-this-shit song. transcendent and stunningly sang by craig david, this is hte one song i turn to when i feel like, well, walking away.

me – kina
“I’m just me, I’m enough, with myself I’m in love. I’ve been weak, I’ve been low, made me strong, now I know I’m just me, I’m enough nothin’ less, nothing more.”

this is my affirmation. every line, every word.

beauty on the fire – natalie imbruglia
“Tonight could I be lost forever, to drown my soul in sensory pleasure.”

when i cut loose, i am reminded of this song. and yes, mostly i do that in bed.

true to myself – ziggy marley
“I’ve reached a point in life no longer can I be this way. Don’t come crying to me I too have shed my share of tears. I’m moving on yes I’m grooving on.”

enteng introduced me to ziggy, and this song in particular. but sometimes i feel like i have to be high to truly appreciate the message of this song.

rise – gabrielle
“much time has passed between us, do you still think of me at all. my world of broken promises, now you won’t catch me when i fall.”

this song explains itself best.

before you – chantal kreviazuk
“Oh, baby before you well, I was so scared. I was a train wreck waitin’ to happen on the way to nowhere. And now I think it’s kinda funny that you say you love me, you tell me that I’m crazy then you smile.”

well, this song is very fun to listen to. but i am yet to find myself in a situation where i can say “yes, you make me want to sing this.”



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  1. parang ang dami sa list mo na nangaling sa mga cd na bigay ko a. hehehe.

  2. ehem, excuse me. we’ve settled na minority lang dyan anoh. pero i am yet to come up with a new list, para kasama yung stewart’s coat. grabe i love the song, but can’t believe i forgot all about it. kasi di binabasa dito sa cd drive ko eh. grr. ayaw ng peke! hehe.


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