why i tell the story

May 14, 2005 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

sometimes i feel like i say too much in this journal. and i’ve proven that in the past i’ve said some things i would only take back. so why keep telling the story?

watching this musical reminded me.

even if against my better judgment, i have to keep telling my story because this is the only way i can remind myself about the conclusions i’ve drawn about my life. telling my story allows me to feel like, in the words of erzulie, “part of the human heart”.

whether it’s a tale of pain, of love, hope or faith, the story is told so we can be reminded that the sand is there so there can be “fun for your toes”, and the breeze blows “to fan your face”. because if it’s true what i’ve said before, somewhere out there, this story must have already found its way in “a story and in a song” and the curtain is just about to fall.

the story is told so we can move on. so we can learn. so we can forgive.

yep. i’m living on this island. and for every day that the gods “decide to send a hurricane” i guess my only option would be to dance along. because that’s how stories become beautiful. when you can dance along.



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  1. Ang daya, nanood ka pala di ka man lang nagyaya! I’ve actually hadthe cd since college and I know all the songs by heart (my barkada and I would stage impromptu performances during get-togethers hahahaha) but I’ve never seen it performed on stage. Hmm, baka manood ako bukas kung may mahatak ako. 😛

  2. aha! cd! burn burn burn! hehe. go watch it, it’s good. i actually have the songs in my pc na, hehe.

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