let him fall

May 10, 2005 at 9:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i hear thunder. i hear raindrops on the roof. it’s been a while since rain was here. and after the blistering intolerance of summer’s heat, i am ready to welcome the rainy season back into my life.

my last affair with the rainy season wasn’t really all that enjoyable. crazy me thought there was a conspiracy going on or something to that effect, but oh boy, was i soooo dead wrong.

this time though, i think the rain wil be a welcome presence in my life.

last night it fell down like the heavens were keeping it all in and just wanted to let it all out in one spontaneous burst of emotions. i felt like a raincloud myself as i sat on the building steps waiting for byron to come back with samu and fetch me.

but after weeks of endless sweating and missing the beach, i can confidently say that i won’t miss summer at all. i’m ready to say goodbye to waking early in the morning soaked in sweat and tears. (okay, well maybe more of sweat and not a lot of tears, but there were some, i have to admit.)

i remember a few years back when we went to ate sue ann and kuya reggie’s house. they’re marylou’s sister and brother-in-law, and we went to their house i think for an extension of a weekend presswork, and i remember how we danced and just fooled around while the rain was falling. i want to go back to that innocence, when heartaches didn’t even matter, when we were just late teeners who were in love with our words and not with strangers and assholes.

it makes me sad, how over time, i seem to have lost that ability to connect with the rain and bring out the inner child in me. i want to get lost in the rhythm of a secret melody, the playful lively rhapsody that i only hear with every raindrop falling.

so yes, i look forward to more rain, though not the kind that shuts down the city out of massive flooding. so while the mercury is still on the rise, i don’t mind. i just know deep inside of me that the sun is drying up the water, gathering it in his overpowering embrace, to let it down again in due time. i wait with bated breath and open arms to more raindrops and more rainfall.

i want to dance with him, laugh in his presence and kiss him with lips parched by too much sun.

and yes, to the sun, i implore: you’ve kept the rain away from me for far too long. let him fall. i won’t.


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