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i was euphoric about friendster about a year ago. the thought of hunting down old friends and linking up with them sent me into a frenzy of click-click-clicking that ultimately saw my list grow from a paltry dozen to about two hundred or so. this of course pales in comparison to finn’s whose list has reached the maximum 500 more than once already.

but still, it made me feel good that my list was growing, because it gave me a sense that my networks were expanding, and hopefully, so were my friendships.

but over the past few days i get to thinking about anonymity, about how much private space is lost when one goes online, and how much of myself i get out there, sometimes without a thought as to how this would affect my own reputation as an individual, and even how other people might perceive my affiliations.

that, and the fact that a lo of the strangers i have in my list didn’t really turn out to be friends over time at all.

this concern grew even more pronounced when i got to think that it’s not also about my space, but also about other people’s as well.

i certainly don’t want strangers just dropping by and knowing everything about me. or at least more than i am willing to divulge.

this point i must emphasize because i realized i might be doing the same thing to others as well. i realize i might be intruding into someone else’s private space without much regard to their level of disclosures and their willingness to allow other people in.

so if i want other people to respect my space, then i must begin by respecting theirs.

and how do i do this? i streamlined my friendster list. i think i need to have some quality control in at least one space where so much of myself is available. not just basic information about myself but also information about my friends as well.

as for my blog, well, that’s another matter altogether. i don’t mind strangers dropping in, and in fact i’d like to share my thoughts with as many people as possible. but… when it comes to other people’s blogs, i might have to minimize exposure to blogs where i am not willing to identify myself. or at least, if i do feel the urge to give my piece of mind, then i will sign my name. i owe people THAT at least.

a part of me is sad, actually. it makes me feel like i’m driving down loner avenue again. but not really. i still have the friendships i cherish, and i still have some that are in the works, and maybe that’s enough.

if i want my friendships to really expand, then i must do it offline. and not through the comfort of a keyboard.



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  1. well hi there stranger! hehe. πŸ™‚

    i agree. the web world has its cons. ako, i left my friendster open. old friend find me easier that way.

    sa blog, i find myself choosing my words, knowing my readers aren’t all friends.

    so, anong sikreto mo at medyo pumayat ka? =)

  2. dan, isn’t it a bummer to be so conscious about what you write on your blog?

    what’s the secret? i throw up whatever i eat. joke. hehe.

    i stay away from sweets. the only sugar i take is the whipped cream on my frap. i stay away from cakes and chocolates. i eat little pork. i’m thinking of going vegan, maybe even sooner than quitting yosi. and i stay away from sodas too. water, milk and juice. i abstain from pepsi and coke as much as possible, unless i’m watching a movie.

    for the rest of the secret check out my “stepping out” article. πŸ™‚


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