bad habits

May 5, 2005 at 9:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i’m sorry to say, but my effort to rid myself of the habit has failed. after a month of trying to cut down, i was not able to quit. i had cut down my consumption to half a pack, and then my consumption just hit a plateau from which i never progressed. by april 19 i should have been down to 6 sticks a day and by may 1 i should have been smoke-free.

on may 1, i was smoking like i hated my lungs.

and today, during our plant visit to toyota philippines in laguna, all i kept thinking of while we were inside the premises was where i could smoke. and i made up for not smoking for half the day by dragging cess off to starbucks at the strip earlier this evening and smoking away over hot white choco mocha.

detox failed. but it doesn’t mean i won’t keep trying.

as much as i hate cliches, it’s true — bad habits die hard. and that includes intruding into other people’s lives through the benefit of the anonimity that the net provides. and for victims of my obstinate insistence against disclosing, i extend my apologies should you finally get the energy to click-click-click and find your way here.

promise. i’ll quit both habits. soon.


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