watch what you eat

May 4, 2005 at 9:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

a friend asks my advice and without thinking i tell her to listen to her heart because it wil never go wrong.

but as soon as i realized what i had just typed, i almost wanted to take it back. i felt like i was lying to her. “the heart never goes wrong?” am i on bullshit mode again? i don’t remember taking in more sugar today than i usually allow myself. where the hell did THAT come from?

the heart that makes you do its bidding, damned all consequences, is a child. i remember that my mom used to tell me when i was younger that in matters of love, one must always allow for room for both the heart and the mind. she stopped when she realized i didn’t have a lovelife. (she might start again once i tell her everything i’ve chronicled in this blog.)

and so it is. don’t always trust your heart. enclosed within your chest, it doesn’t see the whole picture. don’t be deceived by that pitter-pater you feel deep inside. don’t look for that extra beat your heart skips every now and then. for all you know it could have been just the porkchop you had for lunch.

yeah. maybe that’s it. what we often mistake for love is nothing more than an imbalanced diet. i knew i was making the right decision when i decided i would be a weight-watcher.


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