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May 4, 2005 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

i’m beginning to feel i have too much on my plate. and i love it. but i have to do something about my temper.

this day alone i finished editing a speech, wrote a press release in english AND tagalog, and started reading up on an issue regarding imported cars. and then i find that a resolution for which i am responsible still has to be followed up.

and on top of that i had about five media requests keeping me off the desk for a good portion of the day. and i’m just so frantic i hardly had time to breathe.

and through it all, i was fuming. that resolution should have been filed in time for may 1, and now it’s too bilasa. and i can’t do groundwork tomorrow because i’ll be in laguna with the boss on a tour with the labor sector.

damn it. i love this job. i hate my temper.

i’m just thankful for my connectivity. in between all these furious activities, i blog-hop and get to know some strangers and their online lives, their posts, their grammar,etc. it’s fascinating really. a blog is a personal space yet it is so public, especially if you’re linked.

i don’t mind all the linking and the visits, since my own shit is out there for anyone with the patience to click-click-click their way around. without saying too much about themselves, people online, through the journals they keep, allow me a peek into an equally troubled and hopeful world.

there’s this guy in oregon who broke up with his partner of several years and wrote and wrote and wrote about it, and now he’s dating someone he’s absolutely crazy about.

there’s this pianist who is about to leave for hong kong for a gig with disneyland for a year, leaving his beau behind, to whom i want to say ‘you never leave the one you love behind!’ but i should know better than tell someone else how to live his life.

there’s this new graduate who got his heart badly broken recently, whose writing just impresses me for its brutality and lack of pretentions.

and then there are the people i know, like tasha who’s doing her internship which requires at least three trips to the beach (lucky gal), and who just recently got back together with her girlfriend.

then there’s diyosa who just broke up with her boyfriend and is due for a visit back home to manila in a couple of weeks and has been in constant touch through YM in the past few weeks.

and then there’s this lovely, far-off blog…which i refuse to talk about, period.

which is just to say that in all the craziness surrounding me, bloghopping allows me a broader perspective of the world outside my line of sight.

it helps keep me grounded, this habit. my temper makes me feel like i have the biggest problems in the world, and maybe i do. but it’s not like i’m the only one going through them.

and more importantly, i learn that life isn’t just all about the bad parts. the good parts are equally important and worth mentioning and telling about.

blogs do that. they are an act of solidarity with the rest of the wounded world. and it comes (almost) free, even if conffessions as embodied in our blogs take a lot of effort and courage to put up for the world to see. for indeed, the best things in life never come easy. like catharsis.



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  1. you have the biggest problem in the world? carry mo naman eh 🙂 miss na kita vince!

  2. i’m sure i’d say i miss you too if i knew who you were.


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