keep off the grass

April 27, 2005 at 9:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i draw the line at doobie. and even that i do not tolerate the habitual use of. the last time i smoked pot was about more than a year ago. i never really got into the habit. part, definitely, of my upbringing was a natural disdain for substance abuse. the only addiction i have is love. [yuck, can i please just strike out that shit?].

anyway going back to the topic, i just never took a liking to drugs, even growing up as i did in tondo, notoriously stereotyped as a haven for gangsters, illicit trading in regulated substances and criminality, blah blah. maybe because i was sheltered. maybe because we weren’t really chatty nor popular in the neighborhood. but i grew up a straight up kid who would only later on bend over for boys (in rare instances, ehem), not with drugs.

and even though i enjoy portraying myself as a very liberal, tolerant person, deep down inside i hate people, especially rich people, who brandish their addictions like some proud scar to be worn around to show how human they are. i think drug addicts are some of the weakest people to ever inhabit the earth. spineless cowards who can’t screw up the guts to face life head on and deal with the cards they’re dealt.

as much as possible, i don’t ever want to be associated with people with a history of drug addiction, or even use.

but who am i to judge?

i realize there are these people somewhere in my life, and even though i may not know the bottomlines of their tragedies, i am in no place to pass judgment on a person’s future based on the person’s past. so what if a person has a history of drug use? so what if a person i know still uses drugs? i will go all vatican-ish on this and say i condone the act, but not the person. just because i don’t make a habit out of using drugs doesn’t make me any better as a person. just a person who knows better.

but i can only wish and hope to whoever is up there that this menace, this silent killer of hopes and dreams, this instrument of escape and illusions be gone from the lives of people i know. maybe even people i love.


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