jeff buckley, where are you?!?

April 25, 2005 at 4:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

i find a face on some blog, and i find out he’s taken. i go to a party and gets a free ride home from a very cute guy, and i find out he’s taken. a friend drops a note in my flooble chatterbox and i visit his blog where another crush is linked, and i find out he’s also about to hook up.

this is all about pacing. i’m tooooo freaking slow. it makes me think the market is drying up, and i’m running out of a good catch. either that or i have an innate sense of attraction to the unavailable.

damn it.

how often do we hear straight girls complain about all the good guys being either taken or gay? with gay men, i think there’s also the same catch. the good gay guys are all either taken or still struggling with the closet.

anyway it all depends on your definition of ‘good’. and by good, i mean ‘good god, how could such a beauty exist on this wretched earth?’

times like these call for a buckley song. *sigh*



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  1. watch ang dating daan on ch. 37. it’ll take your mind off guys for a while. hehehe!

  2. thank you for the thought but ewwww. 🙂


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