what google thinks of me

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ripped this off this guy’s blog. you can try it over here.

vince is walking on water
vince is the world’s biggest player
vince is so popular
vince is mad
vince is nice
vince is important
vince is a freak
vince is gay
vince is perty sharp ain’t he
vince is the best
vince is walking on water faced with a situation that most would hope never to encounter
vince is the kind of actor who reminds one why there are movie stars in the first place
vince is featured on the cover along with ric flair and also featured in the cover story about the roster split
vince is receiving rave reviews for his guitar work and vocals
vince is an application that allows the user to choose which applications are set as helpers for internet protocols
vince is a modular atm switch manager written in c
vince is back home
vince is working on his degree in business marketing and management at the university of kentucky
vince is looking toward graduation after spring 2002 courses have been completed
vince is a citizen of the usa and has been involved in athletics since the age of three
vince is playing lately
vince is from talofofo aka “god’s country”
vince is committed to raising teacher salaries
vince is committed to supporting his community
vince is into all types of music
vince is a graduate of georgetown university’s school of foreign service and did graduate work
vince is not ‘out’ at work
vince is also said to spend quite a bit of time typing the same word over and over into the university computer in an attempt to discover a formula to prove
vince is someone who has made himself a billionaire by playing on our eagerness to know the con while we’re falling for it
vince is working as an assistant branch manager in eddie brown’s bookmakers
vince is moping about his bankruptcy from gina and his loss pinner metals to his father since his acquisition of 6 tanks
vince is the one
vince is a lot better looking than any of the savanna monitors which were at the show
vince is only 23
vince is an award winning speaker
vince is being followed by a muscle man
vince is now inundated with love
vince is back
vince is a member of the american institute of industrial engineers; national contract management association
vince is a keen and efficient writer
vince is an apprentice
vince is one producer
vince is now banned from the oven and stove
vince is the founder and current president and ceo of elliott affiliates
vince is in a fire in a crowded movie house
vince is currently recording his first solo album
vince is a killer speaker
vince is also up for three tnn music awards
vince is hoping to benefit
vince is proudly supported by the san diego/ imperial county labor council
vince is providing ease in introducing experimental signalling and routing to running atm networks
vince is a tattle tale
vince is involved in many community organizations and has continually participated in charity events
vince is upset because stone cold has a gun
vince is general counsel for the norfolk tides baseball team
vince is a mamas boy
vince is on the board of the american red cross and the board of greater new castle common credit union
vince is the other guitarist in wave invasion
vince is not a republican
vince is known for his high
vince is another “rocket scientist” that strongly supports the sep program
vince is an internationally accomplished composer
vince is a smart man
vince is director of operations for graphography
vince is always drunk
vince is observed entering the driveway of a large house by two plain clothes police constables
vince is always being bombarded with tons of questions about looking like prince so he decided to try to answer all those questions right here on this website
vince is just that incredible


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