this is not the way to meet famous people

April 19, 2005 at 10:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

at the morato rotunda last night my friend was having her wheels pumped up with air and she was recalling an incident that happened last week.

she was at an early morning meeting, with participants coming from various government agencies, liars all, on the real deal about the country’s employment situation. unfortunately for my friend she’d taken dulcolax sometime before going there.

so long story short, she had to rush to the toilet. the stalls are aptly covered — thick walls and all, and quite private so she could do her business with confidence. she was alone, but it turns out only until such time she could finish and flush. while washing her hands winnie monsod comes into the bathroom, and chooses to use the stall she’d been in, of all possible choices, and once inside lets out a loud *grunt*!

funny thing is, winnie keeps using the toilet anyway.

i could just imagine the scene in my head. this is mareng winnie, of ariel detergent fame, host of a chaotic public affairs/circus freak show, and erstwhile respected economist with some policy recommendations that actually make sense. and she, my friend, who holds her in high esteem, in a very private, if not messy, moment. and from that moment on, what they will always have in common: a ladies’ room stall simmering with traces of some noxious fumes and the sense of a violent disposal of the previous night’s meal.

fucking hilarious.


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