can you read my mind?

April 17, 2005 at 8:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

marnie and i haggled between coffee or Runes before we settled with a reading session with bong at Runes the other night.

we got to the place at about 9pm, and bong’s schedule was jampacked. thank goodness for bottomless iced tea! after about a zillion refills, bong came over our table and began my reading session at about 1 am.

he said my soul descends from the spirit of dwendes, dwarfs, magical, spiritual beings that, as i understand it, is just a notch below angels. naks! he said the soul is therefore characterized by a playful quality that is sometimes naive. ouch!

bong tells me i should try to reconnect or discover the magical side of the dwarf lineage i have in my soul. i have absolutely no idea what that means or how to do that, but it tickles my fancy to think i am naturally attuned to magical forces.

bong’s reading isn’t actually a palm reading. he doesn’t use stones, cards or crystal balls. he tunes in to your aura and as an empath he focuses on the energies that you give out.

as an example, he asks me if i had been in a situation recently in which there was some woman talking/yakking — “talak ng talak” — and i am immediately reminded of the incident a few days back, which i have ranted about in the post below.

i am then told to ask him a question, and in my mind there was only one —“where is he?”. he does a bit of psychologizing on this part, but he also tells me that i should learn to stay still. he said that was the sense he was getting from me.

and then we get to specific questions and i am asked to picture the person i am asking about in my head. bong’s eyebrows reach the zenith and his lips twitch. and he says “give it a time period within two new moons, and you can expect to deal with it once and for all.”

and then he adds, “maybe you should just go ahead and have sex. you’ll find out if it’s just lust, or if you’re really in love.”

*barf bag please*

and then i picture another face, and he makes a disgusted, uncomfortable, horrified face and says “no.”

this makes me laugh. at least i have THAT settled.

bong asks me to put my hands on the table with my palms upturned and he gets an image: “a garage? drums are playing? he is wearing a white shirt and khaki pants? he is either trying to call your attention or he is avoiding you?”

brushing aside the suspicion that bong might have read my blog before, i tell him about that bistro incident. that priceless moment of revelation i would come to always associate with the person in question.

i also ask bong whether i would be able to travel. he tells me that i have to finish some business here. but he adds that in two years time the probability will increase.

out of manila by the time i’m thirty. great. that’s enough for me to chalk that up as a life goal.

my reading is finished by 3:30, and after me, it was marnie’s turn. but it’s her job to disclose how her reading turned out, eventhough i was there and heard almost everything.

anyway, it was fun, even if i can’t say i believe in everything i was told, but at least it served some purposes — for some things in my mind there was affirmation. there was complementation. there was rebuttal. but what i liked the most about that particular reading was that it was all about aural energies. i was afraid bogn would tell me i’m a huge flaming ball of negativity and downtroddenness, which he didn’t so it was really nice to hear him say i come down from teh bloodline of magical dwarves. whatever it means, he just points out that it implies the power i have in myself to make even the most mundane seem more exciting.

he warns me though, that the first impression he gets out of reading my energies is a sense of ‘inertia, boredom, sleepiness’ like i’m just doing things because i have to and not because i enjoy them. and it got me thinking — it’s probably true, but in which area of my life?

it’s food for thought for the next few days. or maybe for quite some time. how not to be such a big loser all the time.



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  1. Ano ka ba? You are not a loser! Akala ko ba you’re supposed to be starting on your affirmations for a month, ha? 🙂

  2. what affirmations?


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