mean bones

April 10, 2005 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

first of all, i am not a regular chatter. mIRC sucks, not the least because it’s inhabited mostly by assholes. i don’t need to add my presence to that population.

but bored and a bit interested to check out the scene, i logged on earlier tonight and went to #brodpack where i chat up a guy who goes by the name cyrus.

after a few pleasantries, we get to know a little bit more of each other, in the most general terms we could possibly divulge without letting the other in too much. so we had the basics covered, and we have each other’s pics. we get the idea to meet up and exchange numbers, and he tells me to log off immediately so we can meet up in sm fairview.

but somehow i just wasn’t into it. and yeah, i really wasn’t into him.

so i disconnect, and then i log back in so i could park.

stupid me, though, i gave him my number so he sends me a message asking me where i am.

and this is something i do not do, and i know this is going to bite me in the ass one day: i reply with a patently discouraging “hu u?”

and he tells me “i’m the guy you were chatting with”

and i tell him “what? i don’t chat. who gave you my number?”

and he says “i was talking to someone kanina and he gave me ur number”

and i say “that’s not me. i’m in cebu.”

at this point i want to roll on the floor and laugh my ass off. but it is mean.

so after he apologizes, i console him with another reply “that’s ok. it could be my ex.”

dan, is that you, screwing with larry and eventually playing “cupid”?

i realize it is an awful act of denial. i gave him my word i would meet up with him. i was an asshole, just like a lot of those people online hiding behind pathetic, lewd alternicks.

i definitely wouldn’t want anyone to do to me what i did to that guy.
the guilt however, is lessened by the fact that a few hours later i see him posting his ad again in the chatroom. i guess he recovered pretty quick, the horny bastard.

(but for me, karma seems to be working its way in my direction sooner than i thought. i’m still working and it’s almost 9 pm, while tune is at glorietta oggling cute boys, and eileen is having fun on a date with rico. me? i’m just a sap who’s drowning himself in work because he can’t get a date.)

i swear i am not doing that again, ever. unless i’m working one sunday afternoon and i am bored and i find myelf wanting to check out the pretentious scene that is mIRC again.


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