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blog-hopping the other day, i stumbled upon a face on some other guy’s online journal, and i thought his friend, in his orange shirt and black-rimmed eyeglasses was pretty cute.

but the thing is, i think he’s taken. and i’m too shy to confirm, lest our common friend think i’m just chummy with her because i want to hit on her friends (yup, i also have a crush on another of her friends).

checking out the guy’s profile on blogger, i realize he’s an aries. it’s been a while since i was last attracted to an aries. hmm! delish. we’re actually opposites in the zodiac belt, and that, they say, makes for quite a combination.

i can remember his face. and eventhough the couple of people i’ve shown his pic to say he’s not cute, i disagree.

the sad struggle of a face in your head before going to sleep. that’s how infatuations begin, and over time, evolve into something more.

i gush about my finding to marnie over gj chillers (dulce de leche, yummmm) the other night, at about the same time that an old face walks in and i almost scream. old friend carla from the collegian was just the same as she was last time i saw her five years ago.

we chatted up a bit, and i gave her my number, and somehow i bring up the matter of her friend, F., who i dated a few years back.

she was with him. and i was speechless. i had the opportunity to say, ‘oh, maybe i’ll say hi later’ but decided against it.

when marnie and i left i opened the door for her and i see him, his hair was longer, and he was wearing eyeglasses, but he was still skinny as ever.

marnie and i walked towards the opposite direction, and she decided she’ll have a box of gonuts donuts to go (a sinful delight i’ve said goodbye to, as a weight-watcher).

marnie kept teasing me as we crossed the street, and all i could tell her was ‘shut up, shut up.’

there are faces i remember, but that doesn’t mean they still mean anything. some goodbyes are meant to last. and some faces deserve to fade from memory with time.

this afternoon i get a series of messages from an old flame who is inviting me for a weekend getaway at fontana. i know what it entails, and i am not too keen on the idea.

he sets our rendezvous for the 23rd and i tell him it’s my friend’s birthday on the 24th (which is true — it’s marnie’s birthday, even if there are no plans yet).

in the end we leave the date hanging. and a part of me keeps wishing he won’t bring it up again.

how is one expected to reconnect with someone you were not that crazy about in the first place? i don’t even remember his face too well anymore.

tragic, really. i don’t like my options. there has to be more to see out there.


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