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April 4, 2005 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

something really nice happened last week.

while an unspoken drama unfolded (with the boys who are but are not in my life) on a personal level, and against the backdrop of a tense and exhausting regional conference we put up for saturday, a small gift came my way.

you see, eventhough i do not agree with everything she has ever said or done, she is still somebody you never pass up an opportunity to ghost-write for.

and for that activity last saturday, i wrote a speech for her.

our office had initially invited her to attend the conference but she begged off. we didn’t really expect her to come, since she was probably very busy. so we asked her office if she could send a solidarity message instead. they agreed, and asked us to write it. naturally, the task ended up in my desk.

we sent her the message last thursday and up until friday we did not know if she got it on time. but by saturday, this guy attended the conference, and he read the speech.

after the program, we collated all the papers read by the speakers, and i now have cory’s speech, my speech, with her signature on it, in my desk.

it was a once-in-a-lifetime honor.

and so the conference went down, and it was BIG. drilon. angara. pimentel. de venecia. pangilinan. a dozen liberal party congressmen. the subtext underpinning the success of the conference was that they took our efforts seriously. i don’t think any other party-list can do what we did last saturday. gather all those big names together in one event.

and if you happen to have a copy of the inquirer from last sunday, april 3, you might want to go to page a6 and read all about it.

then you might want to check out the accompanying photo. upper-right hand corner. *guffaw*

so last saturday was a big deal for us. the presscon itself was one of the biggest i’ve ever put up in my work-life. and the wires went crazy with the story, and it’s so far been to kerala, india and to uk, and god knows where else.

unfortunately, these people couldn’t care less.

walk on, suu kyi, walk on. 🙂


anyway here’s the letter:

cory message
from the image library of the peregrine.


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