The Basic Peregrine

March 22, 2005 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Because everyone else is doing it, and because I can’t think of anything to write about right now, I figured I might as well list down a hundred things people ought to know about me. It’s still a confession, even if a bit mechanical. So here it is:

1. I was a premature baby. I was only eight months old but my mom was starting to have difficulty breathing so she had to be cut.

2. From this, it means I should have been a Scorpio.

3. I was also in an odd position when I was still inside mom. My head was on her right side, so a natural birth was really out of the question.

4. I weighed no more than 6.4 pounds when I was born.

5. I had to be incubated for a couple of days before I could get out of the hospital when I was born.

6. My brother used to pull me to the edge of the bed when I was a baby.

7. I was hit by a jeepney when I was about five years old or something. Nothing serious, except maybe for brain damage. tee-heee!

8. When I was a few months old, I had a serious case of loose bowels, because I inadvertently made dede milk that was already panis. I had to be hospitalized. I had an IV attached to my feet.

9. I grew up in Tondo. Ala J-Lo from the Bronx. Har har.

10. For most of my childhood my mom and I lived in my grandparents’ house, which she sold back in 1994, and we had to move out.

11. My dad died when I was three years old.

12. I have five older brothers and one older sister.

13. Obviously I’m the youngest kid.

14. My mom had me when she was already 40.

15. I went to school at the age of 6.

16. My grade school was named Magat Salamat Elementary School. Yep. I’m a 100% product of the public education system.

17. I was late in enrolling for grade school, so they had to put me in the lowest section, Section 16.

18. I was my first grade homeroom teacher’s pet.

19. I was first honor in Grade 1. I never was again. Ha ha ha ha!

20. I moved up to the star section when I hit second grade. And stayed there all throughout.

21. My first brush with writing was in fourth grade, when our section was put in charge of putting up the school’s newsletter.

22. The name of that newsletter was the Blue and Yellow Gazette, our school colors.

23. I was always at the top of my class during grade school, until the 6th Grade when I was bumped off for no other reason than I was too sensitive.

24. Yep I had bullies in grade school. They always teased me for being ‘effeminate’.

25. One of those bullies ended up as the boyfriend of one of my high school crushes (yeah, a girl! *shiver*)

26. I was also late enrolling for high school. I got into Jose Abad Santos (JASHS, not JASMS, mind you) because of the kindness of the PE Supervisor, who said JASHS should take me in because I had an average of 90.

27. High school was a bitch. I was the class introvert, belonging to no group in particular.

28. I had a major crush on Madelynn whose boyfriend Ryan always made her cry. But after all these years, now I have a crush on Ryan. Hahahaha.

29. I had a teacher during my 3rd year who was just butt ugly we used to call her Thundercat, because well, she looked like a cat, and it was a popular cartoon way back then.

30. That same teacher bumped me off from being third honor in high school to a lowly 7th Honor.

31. I still resent that powerplay to this day.

32. I started collecting GI Joes in high school. Childish brat!

33. I also started collecting X-Men comic books in High School. I took my friends Jason and Sonny to Harrison Plaza and we bought issues of X-Men, the series that spun off Uncanny when the teams were split into Blue and Gold.

34. I still have those comic books. Near-mint.

35. I stopped collecting comic books in college.

36. UPCAT was the only college entrance exam I took.

37. I passed. Hahahaha. Obviously. Out of everyone who tried out from our school, only three made it. Actually, two. Czarina was waitlisted.

38. My first choice was geology (what the fuck was wrong with me?)

39. When I enrolled I shifted my papers to a non-quota course because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

40. I ended up in Statistics.

41. Statistics hated me. Math hated me. I hated them back with the ferocity of an injured lion.

42. Flunking Stat 114 in my first sem was me getting back at Math for being such an enigma.

43. I cried after getting that 5.

44. I decided I wanted to go to Journalism instead. So I could write.

45. I was EIC of my High School newspaper. I joined press competitions.

46. I was especially good at proofreading. I placed 1st during my third year.

47. My adviser was a curly-haired man named Mr. Tebelin. Everyone claimed he’s my real dad.

48. I shifted to Journalism on my second year in college.

49. I joined an academic organization called Union of Journalists of the Philippines. It was dominated by activists.

50. Not content with UJP, I joined a radical group called Center for Nationalist Studies.

51. I was an activist for two years. Then I mellowed down.

52. I stayed in Kalayaan Dorm in my 2nd sem of my first year in college. I didn’t know Eileen was also staying there, and we would know each other only 7 years later.

53. We had sports teams in Kalayaan, and ours was Bossards. My roommate came up with the name. I didn’t really like my doormmates. Pretentious and spoiled bunch of PhiSci geeks.

54. In my first semester in UP, I realized I’m gay when I developed a crush on my KAS 1 prof.

55. I still love that prof.

56. I would do anything to have that prof.

57. I used to imagine having sex with that prof on top of his table in his Faculty Center room.

58. Used to. I might start imagining again.

59. I’ve seen that prof in his swimsuit, during our class excursion. Oh god.

60. During that excursion somebody farted on the bus. I think people thought it was me.

61. When I quit CNS, I was ostracized.

62. I lost more than a dozen friends when I quit the Marx-Lenin-Mao school of thought.

63. I almost didn’t finish college. I was so into activism I almost went full-time.

64. My grades suffered because I was enticed more by what I learned outside of the classroom. And because I’m lazy.

65. I paid no more than a total of P8,000 during my entire stay of six years in UP for tuition.

66. That’s because I fell under Bracket 4 of the STFAP scheme. Full scholarship with stipend.

67. That stipend was less than a week’s baon.

68. I got rejected for the Collegian five times. Just like a certain slipper-shod poet I used to hold in high esteem until he called me a DPA. That bastard.

69. That bastard never got to be Collegian EIC anyway. Good. Idiot enrolled for grad studies, when Colelgian rules say you have to be an UNDERGRAD student. Bwahahaha. Oh wait this list is about me. Ok, I didn’t get to be EIC either, contrary to what some people think, hehe.

70. I was accepted into the Collegian during Lourdes’ term. All the staff members resigned because she speaks impeccable English. Hahaha.

71. I was 20 when I got into the Collegian. I was second to the oldest writer, the eldest being Abe. Hehehe. (pic below from way back in 2001, and yes, I was THAT fat. But I havent aged, I just grew a goatee as anyone who knows me know, and the hair is just longer and more *ehem* chaotically luscious. Haha. mental note — upload new pics!)

72. I got my first job in 1999 as a part-time writer for PhilRIGHTS.

73. I moved on to AIJC for a contractual job in 2000, and that’s where I met some UNICEF people who also asked me to write for them part-time. I used to write articles for UNICEF-Philippines’ website.

74. My first ‘real’ job was with MODE. I was retrenched two years later when we ran out of funds.

75. Staff benefits at MODE included free lunch. I gained weight. Then I went fat.

76. My boss Au and I used to watch Survivor on our computers together when I was with MODE.

77. Everyone hated my boss. Except me. And I don’t know why I didn’t. Eventhough sometimes she was overbearing.

78. I used to live in SIkatuna Vill., across my office.

79. I still didn’t go to work on time.

80. We had a bundy clock at MODE, and I was summed a total undertime of about uhmmm… basta, tardiness was a problem with me.

81. After MODE temporarily closed shop, I was immediately asked to get on board FORUM. My boss was Bobet, and my officemate was Eileen. And the rest is history. Except the hate, maybe, for the WORST boss I’ve ever had.

82. Eileen was the one who wanted to quit FORUM, and I wanted to stay hoping Maitet would come on board. When I stumbled upon my draft termination letter sans the benefit of an assessment, I quit on the spot and Eileen went with me.

83. That bitch of a boss accused us of stealing money from FORUM.

84. She eventually left as well. But she did not explain the disappearance of blank checks which she made Maitet, as Treasurer, sign.

85. Maitet recommended me to Ronald for AKBAYAN, and he took me in as staff for the Education Committee.

86. I really thought the old Akbayan headquarters was crummy.

87. He Whose Eyes Do Not Have It became my crush only when he quit IPD and went to work at where we both work now.

88. I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on He Whose Eyes Do Not Have It. But I’m not telling when.

89. I’ve been in my current job for the longest time now. Two years and two months. I lasted with MODE for two years exactly.

90. I almost quit my current job after last year’s rocketman mess.

91. I have a crush on Migs Zubiri and everyone knows it.

92. I think my boss thinks I’m straight.

93. I think my boss thinks I’m gay.

94. The last time I went to report for work on time was the first day I reported for work. So far I’ve been able to get away with it because I also work weekends.

95. I need a life outside of work. But I suspect I’m not gonna get it.

96. I’m the most tech-savvy in my office. I’m also the youngest.

97. I’m very childish at work. But I’m growing up. I think. Maybe.

98. I refuse to believe that office romance is a big no-no.

99. But I do believe office sex is.

100. Thinking about 100 things about myself is exhausting, but incredibly conceited. And I don’t think anyone has the patience to go through all this stuff and say he or she already knows me well.



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  1. Ano namang bago sa poong peregrion?!
    Nice try…you hurdled 100 Q&A…
    try 500 now…

  2. i was bumped by a jeepney when i was 7 pero sbi ni mama, ako daw bumangga…

    do you still have a crush on ryan? hahaha.

    UPCAT was the only test i failed. 😦

    i am a communications major and i love journ as well.

    hindi ko kaya ito. i hate Q&As. applause!

  3. gari,
    naku eh ano pa nga ba bago sa akin, kundi wala. hehe. eto, may sore eyes, ubo at sipon, sabay-sabay. hihihi.

    naku, madugo din ang 100 things na ito, sakit s aulo pero it was fun remembering it all. di ka pumasa sa upcat? wag ka mag-alala, you didn’t miss a lot. hehe. teka, wa ako matandaang ryan na crush. saang item ito… hmm, *review*


  4. hi vince! you chose blogging over friendster huh? well, this one’s better. 🙂 i wish i have the time to write 100 things about myself, and to have a neat blog like yours. great stuff in here! 🙂

  5. hey chinky! thanks for dropping by! you’ll notice i’ve linked you na din ha.

    try mo 100 things minsan, but take your time. kakasakit ng ulo. hehehehe

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