Solar Solstice

March 22, 2005 at 5:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

If the stars are to be believed, the next four weeks means that the sun is at its farthest point from my sun sign, Libra. It has entered my zodiac opposite, the sign of Aries, signifying a brand new beginning in the horoscopic cycle.

It means it ought to be one of the harder parts of the year for Librans everywhere. Kind of like a whole month in which everyone can get in on some moment in the spotlight, only to have the light dim and fade upon Libra’s turn.

I think I’ll be a bitch this month.

Maybe I’ll be cranky and do stupid stuff, or maybe I’ll just shut the world out and not do much since this aspect will soon pass.

With summer kicking into high gear, I’m beginning to hate the sun. Yesterday at the office, with all other offices closed including the canteen, we had no choice but to eat out. And I kept complaining baout how hot it was. A manifestation of the aspect my sign is in? Maybe.

But I’ve breezed through 26 summers already, and I think I’ll be okay. The stars tell us that when the sun is in the sign opposite yours, it only means one should slow down and take stock of the year past.

After all, in six months’ time, it’ll be the Librans’ turn to shine.

So it’s true. We all get our moment under the sun. I just wish it wouldn’t bite so much.


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