forewarned is forearmed

March 21, 2005 at 6:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

in this most solemn of moments, in this space, in this frame and setting of mind, i declare: i am leaving.

it won’t be now, it won’t be tomorrow, but soon.

i second-guess myself a lot of times, and sometimes i can’t even make up my mind. i may not know where i’m going, but i know this one thing is what i want.

i want to take flight and plant my feet in alien land.

the world is a much bigger place than i can perhaps imagine, and maybe somewhere out there, sanctuary waits.

this is not about money. this is about me in a flying state of mind, about me breaking free from my earthbound condition. this is about me and my dreams.

and thus i declare: soon i will say goodbye to the tides that hold these islands together, bid farewell to her thousand and one shores, and with it, the past.

my wings will grow their span to chase shooting stars, follow the tail of the sun in her mid-day might, breathe the whispering hush of a foggy cloud above, and soar, as if to never go back to land.

and in my flight i seek to leave behind the pain of this heartache. this flight will be different, in that there wil be no baggage allowed. a new beginning, once the ending is at hand.

and so to take this flight, i must look for that ending, that period that demands to put a stop to the story so far.

but so far this is the story, and the story goes that a million battles will still have to be fought, a hundred demons to exorcise and business to finish before the light of day clears the runway for that flight to take off.

there is a harbor out there, i believe, where the tempest of my youth will provide a calm shore to land in, a safe journey’s end.

and there, perhaps a new struggle will begin. but how do you fight a battle if you don’t even try?


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  1. Sorry kuya, I know you won’t particularly relish the idea but I gotta tell you, this leaving pinas thing sounds like a much-used pinoy movie plot. but if ever, please come to the U.S. LOLLLL!!!

    I left the Philippines not knowing who I was, and only to find my roots after feeling uprooted. laboh ba?

    I guess you do need to go to other countries, but I predict that when you have seen them all, you will look back at maliit, gusgusin, at saksakan ng hirap na pilipinas with new eyes and see how awesome we really are. but that’s just me.

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