a little fictionalizing for safety reasons

March 17, 2005 at 7:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Her Royal Highness calls me up early in the morning and warns me that her boyfriend The Boring Good Guy has stumbled upon my blog and tells her that he will be reading my blog in a while. Her Royal Highness tells me to do something about it, since a few of the articles are incriminating, i.e., revealing some things that relate to their now 1-year old relationship.

In deference to such a dear friend I hurry off to the office and mess up the links so the articles do not appear immediately (uhm, well…I did so at least after I snoozed off again for another 30 minutes, anyway, and, uhm… okay, okay, only after she bugs me on YM and threatens to put up a blog about me with fake and indecent stuff in it).

So now I have resolved that in my free time (if ever i get my hands on any) will be devoted to hauling the articles based on real-life people and will be revised accordingly to change the names. But I haven’t come up with all names except for Her Royal Highness and The Boring Good Guy she calls her boyfriend. Oh and yeah, there’s Rocketman. But for everyone else, I still have no alternicks.

I guess I’ll just have to line up all the people I’ve mentioned in the pages of the Chronicles. That’s a better use of time, I guess, than moping about my lovelife.


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