haven’t had a movie stuck in my head in weeks…

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…quite like this one. and it’s all this guy’s fault. from the moment i heard the theme song (which by the way requires Real Player), the movie’s been in my mind, and i have been looking forward to watching it. in the process though, i have made three promises to three different people and now i don’t know who i’m going to watch it with.

but first things first, i am not even sure if they’ll be showing it anytime soon. the trailers are all over the movie theaters, but so far no fixed date has been set yet. *grunt* and over the past few weeks i have been tirelessly watching the video of blower’s daughter and the melody just haunts me. (and so does the thought of copyright infringement should sony discover i’m using their pics here — but hey, they should be glad i’m actually promoting their movie, right?)

needless to say i am enthralled by the storyline. (check out the link to the official website on the right-hand sidebar.) it’s basically about four people and the interplay of emotions between their messy relationships. it’s about a pair of lovers and the merry mix of jealousy, hatred, passion and desire that brews up when two of them have a relationship behind their lovers’ backs. i keep thinking — some people don’t even have any relationship, and these four losers trip all over themselves screwing up what a lot of people do not have. gee, exciting — must watch, must watch!

obviously it sounds like a lot of fun to me, especially with the notable performances of clive owen and natalie portman. when they won the golden globes, i was ecstatic. my expectations hit the roof. i guess they are really that goo din this movie. but then again, who knows. but still, my hopes were raised on this movie, and with eye candy like jude law, i was even more excited. i must have played the blower’s daughter a hundred times already, and that scene of natalie portman walking down the street, standing out with the pink hair and all, is just so lovely to look at. 😀

i have heard nothing but praises for the director, mike nichols, which is another good indicator. and if i am not mistaken, tomorrow’s change of movies at the cinemas should mean that ‘closer’ would be showing by tomorrow, that is, if the local distributor decides to take advantage of the lack of strong competitors. all the other blockbusters are fading out of the screens anyway, so it should be an opportune time for closer to be shown already. i’m checking it out tomorrow, and by heaven’s grace, i do hope it will show na. otherwise, i’ll be stuck again for another couple of weeks anticipating with bated breath. *sigh*

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damien rice in the video

kinda cute with the dimples, no? 🙂

“i am haunted by water.”

this video has been played a total of 45 times on my launchcast. talk about obssessed! hehe. but i really like it. haven’t been this passionate about a song in quite some time. so to take me away from this song, i am re-acquainting myself with Train, especially their songs that weren’t that popular. 😀 – hopeless, i’m about to come alive, when i look to the sky, etc. *sigh*


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