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February 8, 2005 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

i am seriously thinking of putting up a separate blog for all my political writings. for those of you who are not in the know, this blog is an escape from the usual political harangue and propaganda that i churn out everyday without let up for as long as i can remember now. for the most part i like it, but politics leaves out a lot of dreaming unless its for a socialist vision.

so i put up the chronicles to track just exactly where my personal life has been throughout all the politial campaigns i have gotten myself into. but in the end, if my words are really to be of use then why not let people see what kind of principles i have been articulating asa mouthpiece for a progressive legislator, right?

these were my thoughts while i sat through the dead hours of the afternoon listening to government officials whine about the decay of our society’s moral fiber because of the proliferation of smut, particularly in the tabloids.

well, i don’t have anything against government regulation, if it’s in the right place, but something really irked me about the proposed legislation seeking todefine pornography. and it is precisely the definition of the word, ingeniously provided by the proposed bills, that really got to me, and the concept that government is stepping in to draw a line between what is and what is not good for the public good as relating to the mass media.

as a journalism graduate i have learned that the best way to ensure press freedom is to let the industry take care of its business. government has no business telling the media what exactly is fit for public consumption.

pornography is what it is when i see it.

government has no right to tell me that what i see inspires prurient thoughts and therefore i shouldn’t see it. what may be shocking to one politician may not necessairly be for anyone else.

anyway i was rolling my eyes and a stupid smirk stuck on my face all the while, since it was all i could do as an observer (protocol, you see). the only saving grace was that the panel was chaired by a dashing young man who used to be a tv reporter (ok, ok, it was gilbert remulla). but then he started talking about cracking down on smut by hauling off the retailers’s asses to jail instead as a stop-gap measure, and it really irritated me. how anti-poor!

as they stand, the entire gamut of anti-pornography bills pending in this institution are another bunch of those unnecessary initiatives clogging up the already snail-paced legislative mill. (and there goes the cover for where i work, but i really have to say this).

and hten toorrow another committee will be tackling the dreaded terrorism bills, which i’m sure will all be about how to keep our country safe and sound from the threats of bombing squads and hired killers. but exactly where is the threat coming from? scandalous!

and that is a glimpse of how political i really am, even though the chronicles have always been about heartaches, bad dates, good sex, imaginary lovers and fantasies about travelling. in order to avoid posts like this one again, another blog is called for.

and besides, maybe i’m cuter when i’m a rah-rah soldier.


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