February 7, 2005 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

i am almost broke. the coffers are drying up and i am silently counting the days to payday. so much so that i am wracking my brains trying to recall just who owes me how much.

it is at times like this that i get to thinking about how my existence seems to have been bottomlined into waiting for the next paycheck to arrive.

in another life i am probably a wanderlust traveller hiking off in mountains (NPA-free ones, of course), walking down cobblestone roads and savoring alien languages or sipping coffee in some cafe by a european river.

maybe i should seriously consider that ERI ad i came across this morning. thailand could be a start. i don’t know. this of course means i’m going to have to have a serious talk with mom who can’t afford not to have me around.

but who knows?

on other fronts, i’ve added a message board to my blog which can be checked out at the sidebar. i was also stalking a couple of blogs earlier (you may begin to wonder whether i did anything work-related today, and i did, although i wasn’t really that productive. nothing seems to come to me today) and wondered what oregon must be like. just a thought.

i probably should have another LB trip just to satisfy my craving for travel.

but paycheck first, please.

damn-fuck broke.

yeah, the peregrine does not live on words alone. at least not this one.



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  1. Hey there Peregrine, I’m bored and depressed. Actually, I don’t have a right to be bored because I got tons of work and school stuff to do. I can’t even blog because I screwed up my home pc again (I’m using our office’s connection right now). And yes, I’m also broke. I’m riding jeepneys now. I got a date on Saturday though but I’m not really looking forward to it because I just want to pretend but his friend doesn’t want me to pretend.

    I’m in a limbo, feeling a little bit wasted. Thank God for your blog, I get to write stuff like this. Hope you don’t mind my hanging around in your space.

    Seriously, do you have any idea why newtonian iteration won’t converge? And how to finalize the inclusion in a polygon algorithm? I have an exam on Saturday too and I’m dropping a subject. I can’t even afford to go to LB.

    Can I go away for a while? I mean leave everything for a day? Pardon my ramblings. It’s probably because you use stream of consciousness just like I do so it sparked something in me so I wrote like this.

  2. well, we ought to get together soon, ayt? let me just check my budget. hehehe.


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